Western Hockey League Standard Player Agreement

The list changes constantly as teams evaluate their players and make adjustments. Teams can change their list of 50 players throughout the year. Once a player has been selected in the whL bantam draft, the WHL Club will immediately contact the family. The player then has the opportunity to visit the rookie or main training camp of the WHL club before returning to play for his club team in the minor hockey system. The camp experience gives the player and his family the opportunity to discover the city and the facilities of his WHL club and to meet teammates and members of the organization. It also gives the player the opportunity to evaluate the level of play in the WHL. The complainants believe that the standard players` agreement is in fact an employment contract in which the players have agreed to provide services to the club. If this class action is upheld, the court will determine whether the hockey players are employees. If the court finds that they are workers, legitimate gamblers would be entitled to the minimum wage and overtime pay, as would other young people who work for companies.

To be precise, we looked at the players registered in the 2014, 2013 and 2012 Drafts; Divided by turn, games played and seasons with a minimum of 25 games. This time slot allowed us to see the historical window of players as they begin to age the league. At the age of 14, 15 or 16, hockey players with the skills and ambitions to play at the next level of hockey face an important question: “Is my goal to play in the Western Hockey League (WHL) or to make a hockey scholarship in the United States at a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) college?” On average, these players played between 131.79-236.9 game, more than 2.12-3.87 seasons finally provided the time needed to develop and produce at a level, most likely being drawn into the NHL in your first legitimate year; During 4 years of schooling. Major junior hockey is a big deal to generate revenue for teams, while dedicated young hockey players who work their hearts are not paid. Group action aims to change that. For each season a player plays in the WHL, he or she receives a guaranteed year-round scholarship, including teaching, textbooks and mandatory fees, at a post-secondary institution of their choice. For example, players with four years of WHL careers can receive four-year scholarships. If you want to take courses at university after high school, but before you start your playing career, do so as a part-time student – don`t enroll full-time. The standard western hockey player agreement offers a scholarship for a full academic year at a Canadian institution for the first season season game, with an additional year being paid for each subsequent regular season game in each calendar year; for up to 5 years of paid study. Each whL team can put up to 50 players between the ages of 15 and 20 on their roster. A player can only be added to a WHL list if he is authorized for the WHL bantam draft.

For each in-league season played in the WHL, a player receives a one-year post-secondary scholarship, which includes: WHL scholarships include tuition, mandatory tuition and textbooks.