Binding Child Support Agreement Form

As a general rule, family allowances refer to regular payments from one parent to another parent in a separated couple. These regular payments must help to cover the costs incurred by the receiving parent for the upbringing of the child or child concerned. Example: Roxanna and Hartwin have a child assistance assessment for their children Dotty and Suresh, who live with each parent 50% of the time. Roxanna pays Hartwin $2,000 a year in family allowances, $1,000 for Dotty and $1,000 $US for Suresh. Roxanna and Hartwin cannot enter into a limited agreement for Hartwin roxanna to pay $3,000 per year, as Roxanna would not pay at least the annual rate set under the agreement. Instead, you can enter into a binding agreement. This document describes the day-to-day arrangements for sharing child care, including: for example, Robin agrees to pay tuition for Elise of $5,000 per year. Fees must be paid to Sunny Coast College….