Cesa Agreement Hinkley Point

We manage the higher conditions of employment of the CIJC WRA called CESA – Civil Engineering Sector Agreement. The CESA deal guarantees dominant pay formulas for workers, including a highly skilled craftsman who consistently works 48 hours a week, would earn £45,000 a year before the bonus and allowances under the new wage deal. www.hub-4.com/…/powering-up-hinkley-point-c-with-nuc. “Employees who were unable to work on the site during the recent bad weather are paid in accordance with the agreements signed with the unions.” The new wage offer, which will apply to more than 1,000 construction workers, provides that Hinkley Point employees will receive a wage level 36 percent higher than the minimum wage rates agreed by the Construction Industry Council and the Joint Council, which constitute the national agreement for civil engineering, and shows an increase in the maximum gross wage of about 2.9 percent over previous agreements. The agreed rates of pay at Hinkley Point will give a significant boost to the local economy and, together with the project`s ambitious training programme, will generate the urgent need for skills and investment in the South West region. EDF`s determination to negotiate an agreement was essential to ensure that wage negotiations were satisfactorily resolved. As part of a strategic investment agreement signed in October 2016, china General Nuclear has agreed to take a 33.5% stake in EDF Energy`s Hinkley Point C project and jointly develop new nuclear power plants at Sizewell in Suffolk and Bradwell in Essex. The HPC and Sizewell C installations will be based on French EPR technology, while Bradwell`s new facility will feature Chinese Hualong One design. Peter Hughes, Unite`s regional secretary, said: “This is a pioneering agreement that will now serve as a benchmark for pay rates for flagship projects across Britain.” At peak times, we have more than 160 people in the project. .