Collective Agreement Unionen

A common idea in discussions on platforms is that we are talking about a new phenomenon. While platforms add new and unique elements to the matchmaking process, they are essentially nothing more than a simple digital layer on existing processes, including their pros and cons. Victor can`t be fooled: “No one in Sweden is shouting like, `Oh, look at this new phenomenon, we probably need new legislation.` Our main question was: how does this fit into our general Swedish model of organising the labour market and trade unions? We came to the conclusion fairly quickly that we would probably have to enter into collective agreements with these platform companies. These companies could achieve productivity gains through their business models. And we, as representatives of the private sector, should look at those actors. We do not need new laws. We do not need new definitions of work. We do not need to create new collective agreements because this is not a new sector. This is just a new business model within existing sectors. One way of thinking might be to create some sort of joint venture with employers` organizations on how to solve this problem. It then becomes a company or an NGO, an entity whose mission is to solve this problem, jointly funded by employers and workers` unions. That would be one way to do that.

And again, since we have such a long cooperation, these things facilitate dialogue. Of course, this is to the advantage of platform companies. They don`t have to worry about strikes and conflicts, and we see that our members work in productive enterprises, which means they can keep their jobs, with an increase in job availability. It`s really a win-win situation. Labour and employment legislation adopted by the Finnish Parliament lays the foundation for collective agreements. As the minimum wage is not defined in Finnish labour and employment legislation, workers` wages are based on collective agreements negotiated by trade unions. I am very pleased to participate in the announcement that Paradox Interactive will sign a collective agreement. We`ve been working on it for a long time, and it`s so great to see how it happens. I hope this will inspire the organization in other Here I continue to see us and the platforms working together: for the automation of more parts of collective agreements, if we consider safety at work. .

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