Custody Agreement Before Birth

Signs of drug or alcohol exposure in a newborn may be reasons to question child custody and determine parental rights after birth. If a father believes that a mother`s behavior endangers the health of his unborn child, he should contact the national child protection agency. Some states allow the father to file a complaint against the mother if his actions may harm the fetus. In addition, evidence of drug or alcohol abuse can be used by the father to request increased custody of the child after birth. The judge may also order a custody or parental leave study. This is an assessment of parents by a trained counsellor or psychologist who provides recommendations to the judge. Very few counties offer a free assessment. Normally, a custody or parental leave study is not ordered, unless one or both parents can afford the costs. You should always give parental leave to the other parent when you move. Some adjustments may need to be made and a court may have to rule if the parents cannot agree….