Singapore Lease Agreement

As a general rule, landlords have a responsibility to provide their tenants with a safe and comfortable residential environment. They must ensure that the property complies with all building rules and regulations. In some cases, this may mean improving the building`s energy efficiency or ensuring the accessibility of emergency exits. The lease may also describe the regular maintenance of the property that the owner is caring for. 15-month lease agreement for which the initial lease term has been extended by 3 months1. January 2020 – March 31, 2021 Please see Examples 1 to 3 below to calculate stamp duty for leases on a tiered lease or a percentage of GTO. This clause serves to ensure security if you can terminate the lease after 12 months with a period of 2 months if you are no longer employed and transferred to other countries. Then the deposit will be refunded. Please note that most landlords only take up the diplomatic clause if the lease is longer than one year.

6-month rental agreement for which the start date of the rental has been advanced to April 1, 20201 Apr. 2020 – September 30, 2020 The Intent Letter, abbreviated LAW, is a letter in which you propose to the landlord your intention to rent and your requirements. The reason for this clause is that the landlord paid the full one-month agent commission for a 2-year lease agreement, but if you terminate the lease by exercising the diplomatic clause and are therefore not able to complete the full 2 years, you will have to repay the proportional commission. Since the lessor agrees with the diplomatic clause, it will generally require a repayment clause that will be included in the lease. The lease is written in English, but also Shakespeare`s literature or a novel by James Joyce. Please also see our Expat FAQ for more information. The lessor grants an extension of the duration of the rental, but makes available a duration without rent corresponding to the extended duration. Stamp duty must be paid for the extended period.

Use the LawDepot layout to create a standard housing rental agreement. Simply enter your data in the questionnaire. Print or download your legally binding lease, sign it and execute it. If the responsibility given is much higher, ask for a justification…