Uga Licensing Agreement

All manufacturers who manufacture goods bearing any of the university`s trademarks must be licensed by a formal licensing agreement to manufacture such products. Manufacturers who manufacture products bearing the university`s trademarks for sale to an officially recognized university department or student group are not required to be licensed. The authorization to waive royalties must be consulted by the Trademark Licensing Office. If the department or group of students resells these badges, royalties are due. Strict do-it-alone protection slows growth, narrows focus, and promotes imitation, while shared knowledge gains value and resources and discourages imitation. Now you need to take into account the nature of the license agreement: exclusive, sole, territorial or enforcement. The manufacture, use, sale, advertisement, performance, creation of derivative works and copying are separate and exclusive rights and may be separate agreements. Structuring agreements based on the licensee`s strengths, market and geographic presence maximizes your return. The University of Georgia has a licensing program in place to protect the use of its logos and badges.

This program, run by the University of Georgia Athletic Association, has been successful for the university, its licensees, and retail partners. .