GIVEAWAY: Dance with the Devil Paperbacks

In honor of the release of Shield of the Dragon, and the debut of the new editions/covers of the whole series, I am giving away one set of the paperbacks. All six to one lucky bastard: Dance with the Devil, Dance in the Dark, Midnight, Dance Only for Me, Sword of the King, and Shield of the Dragon. Winner will be drawn on September 14th. And this giveaway is international!

Note: the books haven’t much changed content-wise. I’m largely just cleaned up inconsistencies, typos, that kind of thing. I did add a bit more porn to the end of Midnight, but I don’t really count that a significant change.

If you already have the first editions through LT3, the files will be replaced so you’re GTG. If you bought them elsewhere, just email me and I’ll gladly give you the new versions (once they come out, all the books will be updated in September close to/on the release of Shield. I am two books away from having all of them ready at this moment).

Onward to the rafflecopter!

DwtD 1 - Dance with the Devil DwtD 2 - Dance in the Dark DwtD 3 - Midnight
DwtD 4 - Dance Only for Me DwtD 5 - Sword of the King DwtD 6 - Shield of the Dragon

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75 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Dance with the Devil Paperbacks

  1. OMG I was totally crying because I thought I was too late. Here’s me, 7hrs to spare. W00T!!

    PS: OMG I am so in love with the first book, it’s crazy. CRAZY I SAY!

  2. Love all the books in the series – can’t pick a favourite character/s. Have just re-read all of them in anticipation of ‘Shield of the Dragon’. Why isn’t it Wednesday yet??!!!

  3. My favorite of the books is Dance in the Dark. I just loved Johnny and Grim and could read about them all day!

  4. It’s a tough choice, but ultimately my favourite book is the first and Chris is my favourite character. I still have fond memories of the first early version on fictionpress!

  5. It’s dificult for me choosing a favorite from this series, because I honestly love them all, but I think Dacne in the Dark has a special place in my heart, it was the story which made me suscribe to LT3 Serials way back when, and I still don’t get tired of reading it, but in the interest of honesty that can be said of all others in the series. Sword of the king it’s a close second, and I loved how we got so much more backgrground and content about Ken and Nevada.

  6. Dance with the Devil has gotta be my favourite! One of the first stories I ever read by Megan back on the amasour website, before devouring all that she’s written! Always loved Chris and Sable’s romance! <3

  7. I haven’t read these books yet, so I hope for a chance to win them and give them a try. I love Megan’s books, especially the High Court ones.

  8. I really liked all the books in the series so its hard to pick a favorite but my favorite pair would be midnight and devlin. Looking forward to the release of Shield of the Dragon!

  9. I don’t think I’ve read a book from Megan Derr that I don’t fall head over heels for but from this series in particular the story ‘Risk it All’ has a special place in my heart. I loved all the backstory given to us regarding pack blue throughout the other books and was so pleasantly surprised to find that the black sheep Kipling Blue who caused so much chaos is a cinnamon roll of a human being and don’t even get me started on Tori and his kits. I can’t wait for more books and will weep when this series comes to its end.

  10. It’s not listed, but I really like Risk it all. Though I also really enjoyed Dance in the Dark.

  11. Dance in the Dark is my favourite of this series. Love Johnnie & Grimm. Love Chris & Sable too.

  12. My favorites are Sable and Johnny. Both have this attitude that just makes me smile whenever I read about either of them. 🙂

  13. I can’t tell you who my favourite is because these books are still in my TBR pile, so I don’t own them yet. One day I won’t be working two jobs and have time to read for pleasure again.

  14. I love all the Dance verse it so hard to pick just one, but I love Sword of the King and Ken and Amir… I can’t wait for the next book! 🙂

  15. My favorite book of yours was Dance with the Devil for a very long time but I have to say that now Dance in the Dark eclipses that for me. I just love the interactions between Grim and Johnny. Well, really Johnny and everyone. My favorite character would still have to be Chris, though. He’s just cutely grumpy much of the time.

    I had to go back and figure out if I had bought them off of LT3 or not. It’s been awhile ^_^. But I did. Thanks for writing so much! You’ve been one of my favorite authors since back when you were just publishing on LJ/your website.

  16. I gotta say, I love most all the books of the Dance with the Devil Series. I can’t really decide who is my favorite. I love the dragons and their interesting thoughts. I love Midnight and how unusual of a drauger he is. I love his relationship with his lover too. I love Johnnie and Grim because they bicker so much it is cute. Honestly I’m not sure who I love the most.

  17. Has to be Johnnie and Grim…but then always loved Chris and Sable too…and Midnight…so hard to choose!

  18. I really can’t pick a favorite. Love Grim, adore the dragons… I’m counting down days until Shield of the Dragon comes out.

  19. I totally loved Dance in the Dark, Johnnie and Grim are just too damn cute together.

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