Cure For Everything

“So fire him,” Sable snapped. He barely noticed as the entire room fled, distracted by his throbbing head. The headache was a nasty one, the result of a long day and a thousand problems that needed his particular touch to resolve. There were days he really wished he was not so determined to participate in the day to day running of his casinos.

But as Christian objected vehemently to being kept locked up twenty four seven, he had to have something to do, so he may as well continue on as he always had.

His tone had been enough to empty the room, and Sable let out a sigh of relief at the quiet. He turned to look out the windows, admiring the rain pounding down relentlessly upon his city; the crash of thunder echoed in his blood.

He rubbed his temples, easing the headache slightly, and wondered where Christian was and what he was doing. He could reach out telepathically and find him, but he knew it was better to give Christian his space no matter how much he wanted to be a possessive demon. It chafed, but smothering never accomplished anything.

Still, he had not seen his lover in two days. Soon, he whispered to himself. Soon he would make Christian his consort. Sable refused to consider the notion that Christian would refuse. Sable was a demon lord; Christian would find his equal nowhere else, and who would ever settle for less than all that being Sable’s lover offered?

His arrogance fell flat, even in his own head. If anyone would walk away from being his consort without looking back, it was Christian. Sable loved that quality as much as he hated it. He sighed and left the boardroom, making his way slowly to the elevator bank, pushing the call button. He would go downstairs, have a couple of drinks, chat with the high rollers for a bit, then retreat to his penthouse.

Stepping into the elevator , he slumped in a back corner, wishing for Christian. He sorely missed the days before a beautiful, stubborn, growly half-ghost had trespassed in his penthouse and shattered his equilibrium. He had not needed anyone, or been uncertain about anything, until he saw those energies, saw Christian. Had not really felt the way a piece of himself was missing.

Now it was a constant ache, a constant distraction.

He looked up with a jerk of surprise as he suddenly felt the one presence he most wanted to feel, more than half-convinced it was wishful thinking. But as the elevator reached the bottom floor and the door slid open, there was Christian. He stared at Sable, surprised—then smiled. Sable savored it, because Christian nearly always scowled or frowned. His smiles—his real smiles—were a treasure. “Beautiful,” he murmured in greeting, loving the way Christian warred with himself over loving or hating the epithet. He held out a hand, hot satisfaction pouring through him when Christian took it instead of ignoring it.

Sable tugged Christian into the elevator, then used his key to take them to his penthouse. Halfway up, however, he deactivated the elevator, leaving them in limbo. Settling back in his corner, he pulled Christian close and kissed him hungrily.

Christian kissed him back with just as much eagerness, and Sable thrilled at it. He also felt relief, because as much as he hated it, there was always the fear that Christian would never miss him as much as Sable missed Christian. Demons obsessed, in a way no other creature did, and it too often meant their fervor was not returned. But, for today at least, Christian matched him full measure.

He sank his hands into Christian’s hair, slid the other slowly down his spine, finally settling a hand on Christian’s ass, pulling him closer still. Christian broke the kiss and nipped at Sable’s jaw, hands splayed across Sable’s chest. “Long time no see, demon.”

Sable rumbled in approval at the happy tone and kissed him again. “You look tired, beautiful.”

“You look worse.”

“It’s only a headache,” Sable dismissed.

Chris smirked. “I know a cure for those.” He dragged his tongue across Sable’s lips, then nibbled at his lower lip before taking a proper kiss. Sable shivered and just held him closer, startled and enthralled by this pliant, seductive version of his snarly lover. Before he could draw breath to ask about the strange mood, Christian’s hands dropped to his pants, opened them and drew out Sable’s cock.

“Beloved—” He barely got the word out before Christian sank to his knees and wasted no time in sucking Sable off. Sable groaned and buried his hands in Christian’s hair. He’d been addicted to the sight of Christian on his knees from their very first night. He hadn’t expected Christian to give in so easily. Powers of heaven and hell, Christian could suck cock. It was the kind of skill that only came with enjoyment.

Christian opened his eyes, looked up at Sable through his lashes as he lavished attention on Sable’s cock, taking it all easily as Sable used his mouth shamelessly. He did not bother to muffle his cry as he came, completely uncaring about who heard him.

Pulling out, he tugged Christian up and kissed him. The only thing better than tasting himself in Christian’s mouth was the way their energies were truly beginning to bleed into one other, beginning to blend. Christian was his. “I missed you, beautiful.”

“Demons,” Christian complained without heat. I missed you too was what that single word really meant. “How’s that headache?”

“What headache?” Sable asked with a smile.

Christian rolled his eyes, but then smirked. “Told you I knew a cure.”

Sable smiled and stroked Christian’s cheek. “What’s your fee for the miracle cure?” He reached down to cup Christian through his jeans, chuckling as Christian moved into his touch, made a needy noise that he did not quite manage to muffle.

“Keep me in bed ’til Sunday morning,” Christian replied.

Murmuring his satisfaction, Sable kissed Christian hard. An order to keep Christian in their bed for a day and a half—now that was a treat to be savored. “With pleasure. What brought about this delightful request?”

Christian closed his eyes and tilted his head obligingly as Sable put teeth and tongue to his throat, all while still fondling his cock. “Rotten case. Good to be home. Take me upstairs, demon.”

Sable chuckled, wondering at the full story Christian was dodging but willing to let it go for the moment and give Christian what he wanted.