Published Work



Deceived – Impractical
Deceived – A Suitable Replacement
Deceived – The Highwayman
Always There
Black Magic
Kria – Prisoner
Kria – Bound
Kria – Bastard Prince
Lost Gods – Treasure
Lost Gods – Burning Bright
Lost Gods – Stone Rose
Lost Gods – Poison
Lost Gods – Chaos
Dance with the Devil – Dance with the Devil
Dance with the Devil – Dance in the Dark
Dance with the Devil – Dance Only for Me
Dance with the Devil – Sword of the King
Dance with the Devil – Shield of the Dragon
Dance with the Devil – Midnight
Dance with the Devil – Ruffskin
Dance with the Devil – Risk it All
Dance with the Devil – The Glass Coffin
Dance with the Devil – Made for You
DwtD – Twilight
Dragon Magic
Tales of the High Court – The High King’s Golden Tongue
TotHC – The Pirate of Fathoms Deep
TotHC – The Heart of the Lost Star
TotHC – The Mercenaries of the Stolen Moon
Princes of the Blood – Of Last Resort
PotB – With Pride
PotB – In Despair
Infinitum Government – Kidnapped
Infinitum Government – Meant to Be
Lovesongs – The Missing Butterfly
Lovesongs – Love You Like a Romance Novel
Lovesongs – Shine Forever
Lovesongs – Two for the Show
Tales of Tavamara – The King’s Harem
Tales of Tavamara – Sandstorm
Tales of Tavamara – The Harem Master
Unbreakable Soldiers – The Engineered Throne
Unbreakable Soldiers – The Painted Crown
Tournament of Losers
Wriggle & Sparkle
The Only Option
Lifesworn – Waiting for You
Lifesworn – Fighting for You
Lifesworn – Looking for You