Quiet Morning

“Lazy,” Dieter muttered softly as he slipped soundlessly into their bedroom and saw Beraht still fast asleep in bed. He shrugged out of his jacket and laid it over the back of a chair, unbuckling his sword belt and slinging that over the back of the chair as well.

Free of impediments, he crossed the bed, pushing away the partially-closed curtain, baring Beraht completely to his view.

With the bed to himself, no one to half-strangle in his tendency to cling, Beraht had sprawled out. Lying on his back, precious little was left to the imagination.

Not that Dieter didn’t already have every last bit of that body mapped and memorized.

Still, it never hurt to brush up on one’s knowledge.

He should be doing other things, the disciplined parts of his mind reprimanded.

Except he could not do most of them until the council session broke, and that likely would not happen until late in the afternoon. As it was only just past the time most people ate breakfast…

All other necessary duties tended…

Dieter was giving in to temptation to enjoy his rare free time. It would, no doubt, come back to haunt him. Looking at Beraht, naked and all but presented for his attention, Dieter could not quite summon his usual discipline and make himself go back to work. He’d come to see if Beraht was awake and might assist him with something…

This was better.

Reaching out, Dieter ran his hand over one thigh, dipping to caress the softer skin of Beraht’s inner thigh. He smirked as the soft cock began to harden, pressing a bit more firmly, digging his nails in the slightest bit. Beraht’s cock filled, hard and flushed with blood.

He moved his free hand over the other thigh, pressing his thumb into the bruise he’d left there last night, the teeth-marks already faded.

A low, sleepy moan broke the silence of the room, Beraht shifting into his touch but not quite waking.

Heat and satisfaction poured through him, that this man who’d once barely slept in his presence now felt no need to stir even when Dieter touched him.

Climbing up on the bed, loving the contrast of Beraht’s nudity while he remained clothed, Dieter lowered his head and dropped his mouth over Beraht’s cock, sucking hard, tongue working, one hand moving to Beraht’s balls, handling them with just enough force that Beraht cursed fluidly.

A hand landed in his hair, tugging hard, the muscles in Beraht’s thighs going tight as they spread further apart.

“Bastard,” Beraht swore, voice rough with just-waking. He sat halfway up, tugging again at Dieter’s hair, panting – then fell back down against the pillows with a low, ragged groan.

Unable to laugh or smirk, Dieter settled for glancing up briefly, and could tell from the glower mingling with need in Beraht’s face that his smug satisfaction was suitably conveyed.

Groaning, Beraht began to move, thrusting up into Dieter’s mouth, shamelessly taking all the pleasure he could get, hand never leaving Dieter’s hair.

Dieter gave it all back, pulling Beraht’s pleasure from him, holding tightly to his hips, thighs, leaving fresh bruises that would remind Beraht what they’d done with every movement. They likely would eat lunch together later, with Matti and Esta. Beraht would shift and glower at the ache in his thighs.

And his ass. Dieter slid his fingers behind Beraht’s balls, seeking out that entrance, pushing two fingers inside, finding him plenty stretched and ready from the night before. Humming his satisfaction, Dieter poured his effort into obtaining Beraht’s release.

Half-shouting, half-snarling his name, Beraht came hard, hand going painfully tight in his hair before going completely slack.

Dieter gave him no chance to recover, pulling off Beraht’s cock and surging forward. He unfastened his pants and spread Beraht’s thighs wide, settling between them, pushing slowly inside as he leaned forward to take Beraht’s mouth in a bruising kiss, growling low as Beraht bit his lip and nails dug into his back, raking down it.

Laughing into Beraht’s mouth, making the kiss deeper, harder, Dieter pushed all the way, then remained still until muffled curses were muttered into the unbroken kiss.

Finally breaking it, he pulled back enough to watch those blazing yellow eyes as he slowly pulled out, then rammed back in. Beraht cried out hoarsely and the nails in his back dug hard enough Dieter would likely have fresh bruises there. He thrust hard again, then pulled nearly all the way out – and stopped.

“I will kill you,” Beraht hissed, raking his nails all the way down Dieter’s back until he reached his ass, grabbing it and pulling Dieter forward, in.

Laughing, Dieter kissed him again as he shoved back inside, then began to move at a hard, fast pace, pushing Beraht to his limits, growling as his lover met him full measure and gave it all back, meeting each thrust and only demanding more.

Sweat dripping, making skin slick, he did not slow until Beraht shuddered and screamed, body going tight, clamping down around his cock. Only then did Dieter come, shouting his release into Beraht’s mouth, taking another kiss.

“You never just say good morning,” Beraht grumbled, but without any heat, still breathing heavily as the sweat began to cool on their skin.

Laughing softly, Dieter slowly pulled out and stretched out beside him on the bed.

Muttering beneath his breath, Beraht sat up and went to work pulling off Dieter’s boots, tossing them carelessly aside, then tugged at the rest of his clothes until they too were finally on the floor. “Lazy,” he said.

Dieter smirked. “I’m not the one who sleeps all morning.”

Rolling his eyes, Beraht nipped sharply at his jaw, then kissed him, slow and thorough, the slightest ache from the way they constantly bruised one another’s lips. “That’s your own fault, for being General.”

“Lazy Salharan.” Dieter buried his hand in Beraht’s hair, keeping that mouth right where he wanted it, so very close to his.

“Overzealous Krian,” Beraht retorted, but made no move except to close the space between them.