Lovers’ Duel

“Off with it,” Sharp commanded, leering and motioning with his sword, motioning impatiently.

Epee made a face, but obediently shucked his waistcoat and tossed it to join his neck cloth and afternoon coat. “You are in fine form today, my Lord Sharp.”

Sharp bowed. “Thank you, my Lord Epee.” He grinned and raised his sword. “Shall we continue?”

Back and forth across the ballroom they went, early evening keeping the room pleasantly cool, though very soon they would have to pause to light candles.

If, Sharp thought as he landed a mark, they were here long enough to bother with the candles.

He drew back. “That is another to me. Off with the shirt.”

“You were not nearly this good when we dueled in the square,” Epee groused good naturedly, stripping out of his shirt and tossing it to join the growing pile.

Sharp saluted him with his sword. “What can I say, my love, I am inspired.”

“I cannot think why we began doing this,” Epee said, rolling his eyes and struggling to appear unaffected by the compliment. “Swords and nudity are not a good combination.”

Lifting his sword, Sharp grinned. “Anything involving you naked is a good thing. Besides, at some point we will adjourn to finish this duel in more suitable quarters. Once I have you out of those breeches.”

“Try it,” Epee said, and lunged.

The next bit of clothing to go was Sharps own afternoon jacket.

Perhaps they would need the candles after all.