Dance with the Devil series

Dance with the Devil Dance with the Devil – #1
Even in a world of secrets and misfits, Chris stands apart, an unusual product of black magic that left him born half-ghost. Long used to being bullied and maligned for his strangeness, he spends his days helping the paranormals that everyone else forgets about.The people he hunts and the mysteries he solves take him along unusual paths, many of them dangerous. But Chris has never been a fan of running from a fight—even the fight that takes him to the door of the most dangerous man in the city.
Made For You Made For You – #1.1
Charlie is an angel, a being of light given human form and made to protect and serve. But Jed, the man who summoned and created Charlie, isn’t any ordinary sorcerer. He’s one of the most powerful alive, a decedent of King Solomon, and in possession of the powerful ring Solomon once used to control demons—a ring many would kill to possess.Six months ago, Jed was kidnapped by men who want his ring, and Charlie is desperately trying to find him, hoping to rescue the master he failed so miserably to protect in the first place…
The Glass Coffin The Glass Coffin – #1.5
Rostislav is a witch of impressive enough skill he is known as the Cursebreaker—and has gained further notoriety by being the best friend of the infamous Johnnie Desrosiers.But even his power and connections would not be enough to save him from the ridicule and rejection he would face if his deepest secret came to light: that he is a human pathetic enough to be in love with a vampire.

When he is hired by a museum to examine a cursed artifact—the glass coffin from a notorious, and false, legend about a vampire who fell in love with a human—it’s one more bitter reminder about how impossible his deepest desire really is.

Dance in the Dark Dance in the Dark – #2
At the age of nine, Johnnie lost his parents when they were killed by a blood-crazed vampire. He was then adopted by the husband of the vampire who killed them, and raised in a world to which he was never meant to belong.An adult now, he is the cold, beautiful Johnnie Desrosiers, and spends his days translating old grimoires and solving mysteries. Then his friend Rostislav asks his help in solving a mystery that proves simple enough, but leads Johnnie down a path that reveals mysteries about his life he was never meant to solve…
Ruffskin Ruffskin – #2.5
An ordinary rainy day at the Bremen is interrupted when a strange courier shows up with a package for Peyton Blue, the Bremen’s much-loved owner and bartender. When the package turns out to be a piece of Peyton’s past and brings that past violently into the present, it is up to Johnnie to resolve a years old problem and put the past where it belongs once and for all.
Midnight Midnight – #3
Lord Devlin White, Duke of Winterbourne, is the last in a long line of powerful witches who assist the Demon Lord of London by solving mysteries and settling problems amongst nightwalkers. With his proud family line all but ended, considered eccentric even by the standards of his strange world, Devlin is kept from despair by his unusual ward, Midnight.Murdered as a child, turned into a draugr in death, Midnight is a nightwalker like no other. Neither alive nor dead, sustained by magic and a bond to Devlin, he is happy to spend his life by Devlin’s side, though he longs for the day that Devlin sees him as more than a ward.

But now a powerful figure seeks the secret of Midnight’s making—a secret that Devlin will die to protect.

Dance Only for Me Dance Only for Me – #4
Jackie is a sorcerer of no small skill, from a family of renowned sorcerers. He is frequently called upon to track down lost items or deal with paranormals others can’t, and those that don’t fear his magic do fear the alchemist-made revolvers at his hips.Tired of living several states away from his lover, Roman, Jackie decides to surprise him with a move to Roman’s city—only to find himself the victim of an unhappy surprise, and suddenly alone in the city he’d wanted to call home.

Then he’s unexpectedly hired by a paranormal detective who could use his help, and finds himself dragged into a fight that started in the midst of the Civil War.

Risk It All Risk It All – #4.5
Kipling doesn’t regret murdering his Alpha. Anything is better than continuing to live as a roughskin, subjected to brutal pit fights and abuse day after day. But constantly running for his life, always looking over his shoulder, and having nowhere to call home isn’t much better.When he finds an abandoned cabin in the mountains, it seems the ideal place to hide until his pack gives up the search. All he needs is supplies, and a quick trip into town should take care of that. Instead of supplies, however, he encounters Tori, who seems like everything Kipling has ever wanted—and far too good to be true.

And if Tori’s not a trap then he, and his beautiful dragons, are just one more obstacle to be taken down by Kipling’s pack.

Sword of the King Sword of the King – #5
Dragons are amongst the most feared creatures in the paranormal world, nigh unbeatable and barely controllable. Every year, countless men and women with dragon potential are kidnapped and changed, their former lives lost forever. They are drugged to compliance and trained to fight in the notorious Pits for the profit of the crime lords who breed them.Blaze has been a pit fighter all his life, and it is a life he hates. The only thing that keeps him going is that if he stops, he risks losing the only thing that matters to him: his dragon Erie. Though pit rules say it’s a bad idea to get too close to the dragons, Blaze has never been able to help it. He’ll do anything to protect Erie.

Ken and his dragon Nevada were once victims of the pits, stolen from their normal lives and forced to fight. Now, they work to bring down the pits they despise, though the battle seems futile. Everyone who has ever tried has wound up dead. Stopping the pit fights once and for all will take a miracle—or a legend.

Shield of the Dragon Shield of the Dragon – #6
In the aftermath of destroying two powerful syndicates and joining league with the last person he expected, all Ken wants is a chance to catch his breath, and maybe regain the attention of the man who said he wanted Ken as more than just a Steward but now seems to have lost interest. But every other day brings a new crop of people wanting to kill them, and it’s only a matter of time before they succeed.All Amr wants is time—time to move his clan and settle them into their new home, time with the dragon he never thought he’d own, and most of all he wants time for his Steward, to see the man rest and recover and stop getting himself almost killed every week. He wouldn’t mind a chance to rekindle their fragile relationship either.

Diamond wants a life that feels worth living. The one he left behind wasn’t all that great, but it beat waking up to the nasty results of a curse that should have killed him and working as a hitman for the Cambry Syndicate. Then he goes to fetch someone for his boss, and gets dragged even deeper into the strange paranormal world he’s still learning to call home…

Fresh Meat Fresh Meat – #6.5
Deacon has served as Captain of the Guard of Clan Mordred since he was young—too young, everyone said, though none of them rushed in to help a boy who’d just inherited the role from a mother murdered in cold blood.It’s given him little chance to do anything else with his life, and at just past forty, he’d like a break. Unfortunately, just as he’s on the verge of requesting one, a problem he can neither ignore nor delegate arrives at his door: a whole lot of missing people, and all signs point to goblins.

When he goes to the local sorcerer for assistance, however, it’s to learn he’s out of town and the only help on offer is Wyatt, the strange kid with a knack for alchemy, a penchant for trouble, and eyes that leave Deacon haunted and longing…

Twilight Twilight – #7
More than seventy years have passed since Neirin du Lac was banished from the dragon clans he called home. Though he misses them, he and his dragon Troyes have built a happy life with his lover Barra, and their friends Devlin and Midnight. It is a not a life he would ever trade, not even for a chance to return to the clans.Then the very last person he ever expected to see again comes begging for help: Prince Avalon Pendragon, ruler of the clans, a man Neirin once called friend, once wished to call lover. When Avalon tells him why he needs Neirin’s help, it’s not a request he can refuse, nor can his friends refuse to help him.

But the people bold enough to steal from the clans are not to be trifled with, and in the midst of fighting for their lives Neirin also finds himself caught between the man he loves now and the man he never truly left behind…

Dance in the Storm Dance in the Storm – #8
Sable Brennus, Prince of Storms, is not a demon to be trifled with; he has endured hell, centuries trapped in a mirror, and far worse at the hands of overreaching humans who learned too late the price of their arrogance. He commands an immense, powerful territory, has the greatest collection of grimoires in the world, and his consort, Christian, is a half-ghost witch that few are stupid enough to cross.But Christian is also his greatest weakness, and when he is kidnapped Sable is prepared to tear the whole world apart to find him—especially when the price of his return is one of Sable’s most dangerous Grimoires, a book that contains a demon which devours whoever opens it, a demon that is one of the most powerful in existence.

If Sable is going to keep the book out of dangerous hands, and bring Christian home safe, it will take every friend and ally they have—and even a few myths and legends…

Night-blooming Jasmine – #8.1
Phoenix sacrificed everything to become one of the greatest necromancers in nightwalker history—including his beauty, though that was by accident rather than design. As beauty is everything to vampires, he has been a pariah ever since, disowned, discarded, and largely forgotten by everyone he once called family and friend.Nowadays, he lends his skills to sorcerer Jackie Black and the notorious Clan Mordred. If he still feels lonely and isolated, and rejected by the man he’d been stupid enough to think returned his interest, that’s his own problem, no one else’s. He’s used to rejection anyway.Then his brother shows up on his doorstep begging for help with a blackmail problem—and offering the one thing Phoenix cannot refuse as payment. But if there’s one thing he’s learned about nightwalkers, it’s that nothing is ever as it seems, and problems always get worse before they get better…