Anti-Hero Profiles

Karl Akerman

Designation: Countdown
G.O.D. Classification: 0
Super power: None
Power level: N/A
Additional assets: High intelligence, capable leader, resourceful
Personal Vendetta: The Magnificent Sunrise
Country of Origin: United States
Race: Biracial, white and latino
Age: 31
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Gold-toned white skin; straight, dark blond hair; blue eyes; 5’9″; average build.
Biography: Former super hero insurance salesman, turned against the G.O.D. after witnessing the Magnificent Sunrise slaughter civilians in his pursuit of Trick of the Light. Now cooperates with Trick of the Light and several other G.O.D. enemies to bring them down for good.

Matthew (Matt) Pearson

Designation: Trick of the Light
G.O.D. Classification: 0
Super power: Invisibility
Power level: 8
Additional assets: Inside knowledge of the G.O.D., extensive knowledge in biology, chemistry, and genetics, ties to Scones.
Personal Vendetta: Charlotte Mortimer, Senior Geneticist for the G.O.D.
Country of Origin: United States
Race: White
Age: 24
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Pink-toned white skin; curly brown hair; hazel eyes; 5’11; slender, but strong build.
Biography: The result of G.O.D. experimentation at giving an ordinary (non-meteor affected) person a specific ability, namely the power of invisibility. He was kidnapped as a child and has been experimented on for many years. With the help of Dixie, he was able to escape the G.O.D. and currently fights against them.