Short Stories

The King’s Librarian

The tale of King Ihsan’s fifth and final concubine


A story from Tavamara verse, about a young man miserable with the life he’s been ordered to live, and the prince who inadvertently gives him a glimpse of what he really wants… Author’s note: story contains a threesome

The Prince’s Questions

A fairytale, modeled after the ‘challenge’ trope. It’s one of my favorite tropes to play with, and is every well suited to short fairytales.

The Shining Knight

Another fairytale, original, about a knight who just wants someone to rescue him.

Ivan the Heartless

This fairytale was written for my sister Samantha. It’s actually a combination of two of my favorite fairytales, one wrapped inside of another. The ‘present’ tale is based upon The Robber’s Bridegroom, the ‘past’ tale is based upon a Russian fairytale, Ivan and the Wolf.


This is an older story that was always immensely popular. It actually started out intended to be a Cinderella rewrite, and some of that element remains, but really it came out more like a pseudo-Regency story, and that’s what I consider it. I don’t write real Regency, I’m not much on historical fiction, I just like a mild flavor and feel of it, and otherwise building my own world and rules ^_^

How to Court A Librarian

A fantasy story about a studious mage who is completely oblivious to his patient, determined, if somewhat awkward suitor. This story stand completely alone, but is set in the same world as An Admirer


A rare contemporary piece, and typical of me in this genre, it’s cute and silly and not much else. I don’t do serious contemporary, really. This is actually a series of ‘snippet’s about a rentboy and his boyfriend

The Krian

It’s no secret that my old story Prisoner is one of my personal favorites. I love to write about Kria and its people. This particular story is about a Krian abroad, and how he is viewed by people who have never encountered a Krian before.

Making Dragon Stew

A silly fairytale type story I wrote for a friend, based on a child’s story. In punishment for harming the King’s royal cook, a baker is ordered to make Dragon Stew or else.


An old short story I wrote for Magic & Mischief. A thief is hopelessly in love with the mage who keeps hiring, even though he knows there’s no chance that his feelings will ever be returned.

The King’s Challenges

I love fairytales best, and it shows in the way I write scads of them each year. This is one of my favorite, very short and sweet and simple, based on a ‘challenges’ trope common to fairytales (where X must do/find/win three things).

The Rosebush

Another fairytale, and if you guessed Beauty and the Beast then you are correct. I’ve played with this fairytale twice now. Rosebush was my first attempt, and while it’s good, I’m much happier with my second attempt, The Beastwhich can be found in Fairytales Slashed, Volume 2.

The Wager

One of my regency-style stories. I don’t do historical, so they really only are in a regency style. The world is made up, and is one where same sex relationships/marriages etc are completely normal. I like this much more than an historical setting and the restrictions that would impose. This particular story is about a foreign prince, and the man appointed to assist him–a man who is the subject of much speculation and a notorious wager.

The Owl & the Pussycat

A little story I wrote for secret Santa recipient, who had on her list of likes ‘cats’ and ‘owls’. In sticking with the theme of the original, it’s about two lovers running away to be together. That’s about the last similarity :3


A story I wrote for my roommate. A runescribe meets with disaster on his way to a job interview.

Of the Forest

A short story set in Prisoner-verse. It’s completely stand alone, though if you are not familiar with Kria & Salhara it might be a teensy bit confusing.

The story of a Salharan Prisoner in a small, remote Krian village, and how he learns to overcome the terrible stigma placed upon him by his countrymen.