Midsummer series

Midsummer Moon Midsummer Moon
Homeless, lonely, and desperate for a cure to his lycanthropy, Lowell chases a rumor of a cure to the small town of Midsummer’s Night. What he doesn’t expect to find is a town that accepts his kind, the mischievous vampire who immediately befriends him, or the beautiful, sad-eyed doctor he can’t stop thinking about…
Midsummer Curse Midsummer Curse
Brayton is a jack of all trades. He travels from one end of the country to the other, fixing problems of all shapes and sizes for the many supernaturals who call him for help. When a friend calls in a favor, he travels to the town of Midsummer’s night.

It should be an easy job: find out who cursed a gremlin and why, break the curse, over and done. But Midsummer’s Night is like no town he’s ever seen, and the gremlin he’s come to help is definitely not what he expected…

Midsummer Law Midsummer Law
Being Sheriff is a hard job, even in a town like Midsummer. When magic is thrown into the mix, everything gets more complicated. Kirby is lonely and worn out, and his latest unpleasant duty is contacting the brother of a recent suicide. Given the complications surrounding the tragedy, and just how loathed the deceased man was in Midsummer, meeting his brother is not something Kirby is in a hurry to do.

But when he arrives, Merry is nothing like his deceased brother—nothing like anything Kirby has seen in a long time. But Merry might just be a reason to finally let go of his own private anguish and start living again.

Midsummer Baker Midsummer Baker
A sweet baker with spicy taste…

Marcell lives a quiet life working in his aunt’s bakery. He is well-known for his manners, his shy demeanor, and his perfect cinnamon rolls. He’s a classic good boy who’s never stepped so much as a toe out of line.

The Withers Boys are the town troublemakers—faerie half-brothers whose only talents are their green thumbs and an unmatched affinity for mischief. When they’re not causing trouble, it’s only because the Sheriff has caught them for the moment.

But things are never what they seem in a small town, and it’s always the quiet ones…

Midsummer Song Midsummer Song
All Daniel’s ever wanted is to sing. Being a siren has always made that a dangerous undertaking, but he’s never needed magic to make people like his songs. His bandmates, however, are more than willing to use his siren talents to get what they want—even if they do it against Daniel’s will.

Betrayed and distraught, Daniel flees in the dead of night, bound for anywhere that will keep him out of sight until his contract with the band expires. Exhausted after hours of driving, he decides to stop for the night, and winds up stopping in a strange town known as Midsummer’s Night.

He’s soon pointed to a bed & breakfast run by the world’s most adorable brownie—who also happens to be a huge fan, reminding Daniel viscerally that whatever Daniel wants comes second to what he is and all the people trying to hunt him down.