Jewel Bonds

An Admirer An Admirer – #1
Kaeck is a poor, shy, mage, barely able to afford attending the famous Valker Royal University of Magic and Combat. His life is work and school, leaving him too busy to have fun, or even make a single friend.

When he goes to check his mail one day, however, he finds a letter from a secret admirer. Though he can’t help but think it’s too good to be true, he clings to the idea that someone sees him as far more than the quiet, shy student who never stops working.

Then a chance meeting with one of the most beloved and popular students in the school builds into a friendship, and soon Kaeck finds himself caught between a man he doesn’t know, and a man clearly in love with someone else…
Kiss the Rain Kiss the Rain – #2
Selsor’s only dream growing up was to be a mage, to bond with a warrior and drive back the monsters in the Territories, and live the life his parents had so loved.

His dream is shattered, however, when he displays no magic despite possessing the ability to use it. In the aftermath of failing yet another test while all his peers succeed, Selsor is bullied relentlessly—and lashes out with uncontrolled magic, accidentally killing an innocent bystander.

He is banned from using magic for life, his mage jewels blackened, and thrown out to survive on his own. Years later, a pariah slaving away at an inn in the middle of nowhere, he finds his life disrupted by a strange, bold and arrogant knight who has come to solve the mystery of the rain that has not stopped falling in the village for months…
An Exception An Exception – #3
Riot faithfully served his lord for two decades, putting his mage skills fighting the beasts in the dangerous Territories and to make the lives of the castle inhabitants easier.

When that lord dies, he is replaced by a flashy young man who regards Riot as a threat and throws him out. With no home, no possessions, and no money, Riot has gone from a stable life he enjoyed to feeling like the world no longer needs nor wants him.

A chance encounter, however, brings the promise of temporary work that is certainly better than nothing. If the job comes from yet another flashy young man, well, hopefully this one won’t be as bad as the last.