Captured Hearts

Prisoner Prisoner – #1
A man whom all men fear…
General Dieter von Adolwulf has led the Scarlet Army of Kria to victory for the past decade, holding the bitterly contested, blood-soaked territory known as the Regenbogen against Kria’s hated enemies—the deceptive Illussor and the ruthless Salharans. War has waged between the three nations for longer than anyone can remember, but no one has held the Regenbogen longer than the notorious Wolf of Kria and his fearsome army.

A man who fears nothing…
Returning home at the end of the year, the Scarlet Army is attacked in the dead of night by a single man who manages to kill hundreds before he is finally captured. A Salharan soldier with no name, no purpose but to kill, he refuses to bend to the Wolf who takes him prisoner and forces upon him a despicable Krian name.

A man with nothing to lose…
When the rest of the Scarlet Army is slaughtered by Illussor soldiers desperately seeking their Salharan prisoner, Dieter determines to hold fast, no matter the cost. He wants answers, and revenge for his slaughtered comrades. But answers and revenge are hard to come by when surrounded by secrets and treachery, and the man least likely to kill him is the prisoner who most wants him dead.

Bound Bound – #2
Ingolf von Dirchs is all that remains of the once proud royal family of Kria. The bastard son of the dead kaiser, he barely escapes the winter palace before it is overtaken by the armies of Salhara, Kria’s oldest and bitterest enemy. In a last desperate attempt to combat Salhara’s deadly magic, Ingolf flees to the country of Illussor, there to steal the sword of a man who once betrayed Kria and left them forever without one of their four sacred armies.

Stealing the sword gains him something he did not expect—the descendant of that long ago Betrayer, an intriguing man with the pale features of an Illussor and the fierce heart of a Krian…

Erich von Adolwulf is the proud descendant of the Holy General, a man who helped Illussor break free of the loathsome magic upon which they once so heavily relied. When the sword of the Holy General is stolen, Erich goes to reclaim it, refusing to let the sword remain in enemy hands.

Instead of a bitter enemy, however, he finds a tenuous Kaiser he wants desperately to protect, a man who makes him feel things he thought buried with his late husband—and dragged into a war fighting for the country his ancestor once betrayed.

The Bastard Prince The Bastard Prince – #2.5
Reyes O’Bannon lives a fairly quiet life, despite his role as the King’s secretary. His days are filled with appointments, paperwork, and avoiding the romantic attentions of Kinnaird, the Duke of Keyes; attentions that become harder to ignore with each passing day…

Then the Kingdom is attacked, and the nature and location of the attacks make it painfully clear there is a traitor in their midst. The attacks are further compounded by the sudden arrival of a man who claims to have a legitimate claim on the throne, a bastard prince who knows things from the King’s past that no one else could know.

As the problems increase, both within the palace and across the Kingdom, Reyes can only watch as Kinnaird is sent out to unravel the mystery and the King begins to fall apart.