Getting Cinderella

“We’re having a porn party after work,wanna come?”

Rez glared over the top of his sports car magazine. “I’m not certain which part of that sentence disturbs me more. That you are probably serious about putting ‘porn’ and ‘party’ next to each other in a sentence, the plural ‘we’ or the god awful pun on ‘come’. The answer is no, to whatever it is you’re really up to.”

Scott leered, and dropped down next to him. “By we, I mean me, of course. I got all kinds of crazy shit from this ‘romance’ party my cousin did last weekend. Used Arley’s corporate card to buy like a thousand dollar’s worth.”

“You used your stepbrother’s corporate card to buy a thousand dollar’s worth of sex toys?” Rez demanded, dropping his magazine in horror and disbelief. Really, Scott should not be able to suprise him anymore, but somehow the asshole still managed it. “He’s going to fucking kill you.”

“He’s not getting back from Toronto until tonight, he’ll arrive just as we’re–”

“Don’t even finish that sentence,” Rez interrupted, knowing exactly where Scott’s mind was going. Retrieving his magazine, he rolled it up and smacked Scott upside the head with it. “There is no goddamn way I’m using a dildo in front of you, in your house, especially–”

“Oh, hey, I didn’t think of that,” Scott interrupted in his turn, looking pleased. “I figured I’d be using it on you. But mutual using and watching–”

Rez groaned and dropped his head to the table. After a moment, he lifted an arm to signal his waiter for another beer, not bothering to lift his head. “I hate you.”

“I know,” Scott said fondly. He started to say more when his phone abruptly went off, playing what sounded like a new porno clip. “Oh, hey,” he said with a grin. “Looks like Arley is back early.” Flipping the phone open, he said with remarkable cheerleader-like perkiness, “Hey, sexy.”

Thanking his waiter for the beer, Rez took a sip as he listened to Arley blister Scott, who remained annoyingly cheerful throughout. “But–Cinderella–”

Rez rolled his eyes and went back to his magazine, as the blistering kicked up another six notches for the use of ‘Cinderella’ – Arley being so dubbed because he was, according to Scott, the hot one.

Knowing better than to argue that logic, Rez had let it go, and simply waited for the day Arley finally resorted to murder.

Finally the blistering came to an end, and Scott snapped his phone shut. Then he threw some money on the table, and yanked Rez from his chair.

“Hey!” Rez bellowed. “Do not drag me into your crazy ass deathwish. Being your sort-of boyfriend means I do not have to do this shit.”

Scott only grinned, and let go of Rez’ arm to tangle their hands together, squeezing briefly. “You’re my three-quarters boyfriend, and that’s only because we don’t have Cinderella with us yet.”

Rez rolled his eyes. “He is never going to go for your crazy ass scheme, Scott. When are you going to give up?”
“Never,” Scott declared, but the bravado did not quite cover up the hurt in his jewel-green eyees.

Heaving a sigh, Rez kissed him, then said, “So why am I being dragged around instead of being left alone to enjoy my Saturday afternoon drooling over hot, sexy cars?”

“Because we have to shop to seduce Cinderella, and I am so way much hotter and sexier than any car.” Then Scott smirked. “Plus, I borrowed the shiney silver thing for you to drive us around.”

Rez stumbled. “You…you did?”

Scott grinned. “I did.”

“Okay, shopping it is, hot and sexy. Gimme the car keys.”