Executive Room: The Tycoon

Rex was in love with the Gallery. It was exactly what he had always wanted, something he’d longed for his entire life without ever believing it could actually exist. He had a lover who not only could keep up with him, but understood and even echoed his insatiable need for sex, and liked to see him enjoy all that the Gallery had to offer.

Now that he knew what he was, and was able to be it, Rex could not be happier.

The day was quiet, rainy, and Sil had said they wouldn’t see anyone that day; Rex was taking the chance to explore, perhaps try out a new painting. He paused as he passed by one, and snorted in amusement. He wondered where Sil had gone.

The painting was of three sister nymphs, willowy and beautiful. They rested on a riverbank, beneath the shade of a cluster of trees—and wrapped around Silenus, fast asleep. He wondered who had worn out who first. One of the nymph’s opened her eyes and saw him, smiling briefly before she fell asleep again with her head on Silenus’ chest.

Rex laughed, and walked on, strolling leisurely through the many galleries, waiting for something to strike his fancy.

His interest was finally piqued by a painting he vaguely recalled from his first day in the Gallery—that of a man in a perfectly tailored three piece suit, black with silver pinstripes that brought out the touches of silver in his blue-black hair. Despite those silver touches, he did not look older than his mid-thirties. He was handsome, in a tall, dark stranger sort of way.

The last time Rex had seen him, he’d had his cock fisted in one hand. Now, he simply sat behind his desk as though patiently waiting for something. The setting was a high-rise office of some sort, perhaps for a lawyer or a CEO. He had the look of someone who took it as understood that he got what he wanted, when he wanted, and exactly how he wanted.

He was also, Rex realized in surprise, modern. All the other painting he had thus far explored had come from days long past. But this man could have been someone Rex passed on the street—someone he might have hit on and happily fucked on any given day.

The small gold plate beneath the painting said only The Tycoon but Rex remembered the man’s name was Laurence.

Are you going to come in here and suck my cock, or do I have to make you?

Rex smirked—and then laughed in surprise as he was abruptly yanked into the painting to sprawl in front of the man, his face landing up in Laurence’s crotch.

“Just where I like my pretty boys,” Laurence murmured, something of a low growl in his voice, like a pleased wildcat. Rex looked up at him with a smirk, resting his arms in the chair on either side of Laurence’s legs, keeping himself quite shamelessly sprawled in his lap.

“You’re like me,” he said.

Laurence quirked one brow. “You mean contemporary? Yes, I’ve been here only ten years so far.” His voice definitely held a bit of growl, that underlying steel of a man who had been in a position of authority practically from the cradle. When he told men to jump, they leapt buildings or threw themselves off them without hesitation.

“How?” Rex asked.

“Silenus approached me on a matter of real estate. My family owns the entire block. Hell, we own at least half the city, or did, anyway. I’ve no idea what’s happened in the last decade. It’s not my problem any more.”

A memory flickered then, and Rex looked at him in surprise as realization dawned. “You’re—not Laurence Stone? The man who went missing on his way home from work one night? That was in the paper for years! They’re still looking for you.”

“You know my name, how flattering,” Laurence, looking more amused than flattering. “They’re still looking for me, probably because of all the money that went missing with me. How typical. Yes, that was me. Laurence Stone, the Heart of Stone, as they liked to call me. They thought it the most delicious and witty pun—a cold heart, and the one who kept the old family business running.”

Rex laughed. “Your eyes have too much life, too much heat, to belong to a heartless man.”

Laurence smirked. “Indeed. But a heart does not mean I’m not hard.”

“I would never mistake you for soft,” Rex replied, nuzzling against the hard cock tenting Laurence’s fancy slacks. “So why did Silenus pick you?”

“The same reason he picks all of us—all the power of gods, and no desire to have it. Any man can build a kingdom, take one, rule it, crush it. How many men are willing to surrender a kingdom? He asked for my loyalty, my wealth, my power. In return, he gave me a place here. A kingdom of peace that I do not have to rule, and all the pretty boys I could desire.”

Rex smiled. “A good deal all around.”

“Yes,” Laurence growled, then grabbed Rex by the front of his shirt and hauled him up. He shoved Rex face down over the desk. “I’ve had enough chit-chat, Assistant Curator. They liked to call me heartless because I was always generous to those I fucked, but never kept them around. I have little use for love, but plenty of use for willing men with pretty mouths and prettier asses.”

Rex shivered as he heard the whisper of fabric rustling, moaning softly with anticipation as Laurence bound his wrists with what was obviously his tie. Then he lifted Rex up again, pushed him to his knees, and settled back in his chair. “Now, pet of Silenus, show me just how talented that mouth of yours can be.”

He opened his slacks and pulled out the long, hard cock that Rex remembered from a tantalizing glimpse a few weeks ago. Rex wasted no time in sucking it down, mouth stretched nearly to the point of pain, moaning as Laurence only barely gave him time to adjust before roughly grabbing his hair, holding him in place to be thoroughly used.

Laurence’s face was composed even as his hips moved enthusiastically, thrusting in and out of Rex’s mouth as though Rex had no other purpose in life—but his eyes were blue fire, intense and searing, and Rex thought he understood why so many men were disappointed that Laurence wanted nothing but sex.

He suspected suddenly that Sil had no intention of leaving the Stone Heart alone; the permanent exhibits did not leave the museum as did the temporary, but that did not mean they were left out of Sil’s machinations.

“Good boy,” Laurence growled, and came down Rex’s throat, not releasing his hair until Rex had milked him thoroughly. When he finally let his softened cock slip free of Rex’s mouth, he hauled Rex up into his lap and kissed him thoroughly.

Oh, yes. Rex could definitely see how Laurence had left a trail of broken hearts behind him. Sil definitely had intentions for this one; he wondered who would join Laurence in the Gallery someday, and hoped he was there to see it.

Laurence opened Rex’s pant and pulled out his cock, stroked him off hard and fast, taking his mouth again as Rex cried out in release. “You are a pretty little thing, incubus,” he rumbled as he gave Rex his hand to lick clean. “One of Silenus’ finer acquisitions, I must say.”

Rex laughed, squirming until he settled more comfortably in Laurence’s lap. “I do like being an acquisition.”

Laughing with him, Laurence lazily stroked over Rex’s body. “I like the idea of you bent over my desk, screaming my name while I fuck you into it.”

“That does sound like fun,” Rex agreed, wondering when Laurence would finally untie him and thrilled that it probably would not be until Silenus woke up and came looking for him.