On the dragons of Dance with the Devil

I keep getting a crazy number of inquiries on this front, so I thought I would lay a few things out for peeps ^__^

When and where I’m able, between other things, I have been plotting stuff out for the reworking & additions to these stories. I have come to the conclusion there’s a fair bet it will be at least two books. The first book is Sword of the King and will a story about Kennedy, Nevada, Blaze, Eros, and weave in the backstory of how Ricky & Cal saved Kennedy and Nevada (which all the old timers will recognize as the first story I wrote).

The second book will contain all the short stories you guys remember, about Rick’s brothers (which includes Pack, the one that everyone is crazy insane about, you would not believe how often I get asked about that story :3), and the other two. Depending on how long those wind up being after rewriting, I may add one or two new ones.

And depending on how all of the above goes, it could all spill into a third volume.

FYIs for newcomers who are awaiting these stories:

*The dragons are not human. They can look human, and sort of act human, but a human form for these dragons is predominantly a way to bond with their Owners and a form of camouflage. They aren’t like shifters who are equal parts human or anything. They are definitely dragons, and not human. So if that bugs you, steer clear. (and there is a sort-of exception to this rule that old-timers will know, but that’s plot relevant :3)

*Most of the stories are poly. Related to the above, these dragons aren’t lovers to their Owners. There is definitely a bond, but they consider themselves something else entirely from when their Owners take on lovers. Nearly every story is going to involve a three or foursome.
Sword of the King is due out in February, IIRC. I have to write Treasure and a bunch of other shit in October, but come November you will begin to see snippets of the rewritten dragons.

If questions linger unanswered, feel free to ask 🙂

5 thoughts on “On the dragons of Dance with the Devil

  1. I knew that some of your stories are a bit of a let-down, but do you really consider your writing “shit”? O__O

  2. YES! YES! YES! -jumps up and down- <3! MWAH! I'm so excited over this! DwtD and the Dragon Pits are what got me into writing and I just can't wait!

  3. I wasn’t sure if you answered this question or not but i was wondering if you were planning on rewriting Black Magic?

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