5 thoughts on “More stories added

  1. I don’t currently have summaries, no, sorry. I could look into it next week or so. I’m afraid right now I’m going to be doing a lot of moving. But, I’ll probably just put really brief summaries at the top of every story?

  2. I am so so sorry for bothering you about this, but is it possible that you have summaries for your online stories here on your website? You have so many, and I really want to delve into them, but I would like to know a little bit about the story lines before I delve in.

    I understand if you rather not put any up, etc, though. I just thought of asking. 🙂 Sorry again for the bother!

  3. Is there any possibility of the wick stories going up again? I’ve been craving reading them for weeks. 🙂

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