Book Recs

There’s going to be a lot of these, cause I’ve been meaning to rec books since I got back from Yaoi-Con and I’ve read may since then :3

I think most people have read this series by now, but as I live under a rock I had not. She was selling them as paperbacks at Yaoi-Con and I like supporting writers when/where I can, and they seemed interesting ^__^ They were an awesome read! The world building, the pacing, the characters, the details. Every last bit of that was nailed beautifully. If you like fantasy, a slow and steady pace, and don’t care there’s no explicit sex, these books are for you. She has has them for free here but I strongly recommend you buy them. They’re worth every penny.


This is the series I wound up reading while I was actually at Yaoi-Con. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but Mary Calmes did an awesome job with it. The first book is one of the best intro books I’ve read to a series in forever; it’s the only one from the POV of a Hearth rather than a Warder, and a very very good intro into the whole world.

The fourth book is by far my favorite, and anyone who knows me well will know why :3 But they’re all good, and it’s the kind of series that makes me want to write fanfiction. I was sadface they were not in paperback, since these and Blood Howl were the only books I really wanted.

If urban demon hunters sounds like fun to you, go for these :3 They’re first person and I still loved them. Especially number four <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I love T.A. Chase. She always puts a neat spin on whatever she writes. She also has a touch of practical, which is probably a weird thing to notice, but her characters tend to actually act like adults and that’s a rarer trait than you might think.

Pestilence is the first book in her Horsemen series, and the next one is due out in December. It was a fun read, though it took me awhile because I was reading on my phone and I only got to read it during work or really late at night. Like I said before, Chase puts her own spin on things. They didn’t act the way I expected, or the way I would have done it, and I really like the way she did choose to do it ^_^ Really looking forward to War, which is the next one, and I really can’t wait ’til we get to death :3

Borderline is a serial killer novel, for which I have a weakness. I love cop/detective/etc stuff, IDEK why but I do. This book was just plain fucking fun, and so well done, and like I said before–the characters act like adults. The best example of this is the way the one character deals with the bigot he has to work with. Lots of little things, and the mystery itself is well done. Then there’s the thing with the brother, and as I said the night before, it pays to shamelessly stalk because I harassed Chase and she told me that the brother would, indeed, be getting his own story ^_____^

So many books, and I wish I could give them all long and lovely reviews, but I have way too many things to do.

Room at the Top is a wonderful book. Best threesome book I’ve read in forever, and a very good BDSM book. The authors execute this book in very kick ass manner. Bound by Law I may have recc’ed before, but I reread it recently and still really like it. Blood Howl deserves to be in the top five for werewolf books, possibly the top three. Breaking Logan’s Law was an excellent read, I like how she handled the two MCs and their relationship. It’s the fourth in the series, but I haven’t read the others :3 Do want Riley’s story. The Glass Man surprised me the most. I read it because it was the only book by this author I could buy on my phone, which was all I had at the time, and I loved it. Possibly the only sex slave book I will ever like. She just executes it beautifully. Stowaway is a sci-fi story and I loved it to death. The end was <3 <3 <3 Trompe l’oiel is about a guy trapped in a painting, and the guy who winds up owning the painting :3 Author actually carries it ^_^ With a Kiss is a contemporary spin on Sleeping Beauty, with vampires. Kim Dare totally pwns that premise. Heroes and Villians was a good read, though I will warn it’s long and probably could be cut down by at least a third. That being said, it’s a good superhero story, and a lot of thought and effort was put into it, so I felt it was worth the read even if there is an excess of page count.

And there are probably other books I am not remembering at present, and about a million to go. I am trying to actually read all the ebooks I’ve bought over the past many moons, since I too often buy faster than I read.

Enjoy the books ^__^ I most definitely did 😀