Friday Book Recs

I think I forgot to do this last Friday. Busy busy busy :3

Lots of shiny books coming out in April! I am so excite. In the meantime, here are the last of my recs for March ^__^

The absolute shiniest of the lot is this one:

It’s lonely at the top for Commander Villam Elding, who has always ranked loyalty to the empire and career ambition over romance. He finds it easier to love ideas than people; without military life, he’s lost. Even so, it’s his close relationship with Kardiell, a popular officer, that tears him from his life. Those with competing ambitions try to take Villam hostage to leverage Kardiell’s soft spot for him. In the struggle, Villam crashes the small spacecraft he’s riding. All hands perish except he and Luke, his kidnapper.

Luke Sicinik travels the galaxy performing dirty missions for money to send home. Born on a desert colony abandoned by the empire, he has no love for imperial soldiers. He spent his childhood in a monastery which taught the evils of anything impractical or sentimental. Yet when he crawls from the destroyed spacecraft, his first instinct is compassionate: he drags Villam’s unconscious body free of the wreckage. Stranded together on a wild planet, Villam and Luke know that survival means cooperation. A truce becomes trust, and trust turns to passion, as they struggle to find a new life together — just the two of them against an entire world.

This book was amazing. I loved the way they learned to live together, they way they were for quite awhile the only two people on an entire planet. This book has beautiful moments, and the whole thing is very well played out. It’s books like this that are slowly making me like sci-fi. Cannot recommend this book enough.

Ava March always has lovely historicals. This series is a blast so far. There are four total (though two have not been released yet). I absolutely cannot wait for the last one 😀 I really wish I could find more historicals, but I’m pretty much bled out all the good sources at this point, and must wait patiently for the writers to provide more :3 Though, I think there is one Bonnie/Summer book I missed that I need to pick up at some point.

This next set of books is a bit different from my usual fare. They’re on the darker side, twisted, and not for those who definitely lean more towards light and fluffy. Don’t get me wrong, they’re happily endings, but they’re about the Fae and the author does that very well. I was not sure I would like them, but I read the first one and had to get the rest :3 The fourth one is coming out very soon, and as of this morning (like, five minutes literally, it’s kind of funny since I was recc’ing these anyway) I will at some point in April be hosting the author on my LJ since the fourth book is coming out! ^__^ My favorite character is the redcap in the second one :3

Sadly, that is all for now. I’ve read several others, but I cannot rec them. But, like I said, April is full of shiny. Brookstreet from Ava March, the lovely Kay Berrisford’s Bound to the Beast, T.A. Chase’s Death. Tons of others I cannot recall off the top of my head.

Currently I am reading The Luckiest by Piper Vaughn & M.J. O’Shea ^__^ Not very far into it, but it’s very good. I am also re-reading Nikki McCoy’s Keepers of the Gods series. The third book finally came out a little while ago, but it’s been so long that I have to rereaad the others first :3 I do still like this series ^__^

Now to get to work!

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