So I am way behind on a million things, and most of the posts I want to do will have to wait until next week. But! I do want to babble about Private Dicks, because one)I should babble more about LT3 books in general and this is the start of that and two) It’s my fav of our anthologies so far.

Undercovers is the first of what we hope will be several volumes of detective-themed stories. LT3 is a big fan of detectives, whatever shape or form they take. This first revolves around another favorite element of mine – disguise. I love me some undercover/secret identity/etc. I actually tried to find a list of them on GR one day (well, a list specifically for undercover type stuff in MM) because I needed a fix. Sadly, if there is one, I could not find it. I aim to start it eventually, if someone else does not beat me to it. Feel free to beat me to it :3 :3 :3

Anyway, this anthology wound up with a pretty awesome set of stories. It’s a good mix of genres, which I really like, and a good mix of characters and problems.

Temper is about a werewolf, and he is the cutest, most awesome werewolf to ever exist. We got this story, which is by the wonderful Siobhan Crosslin, waaaaaaaay before we got any of the others. Back then, we still only wanted the first X number of words, so the story cut off shortly before the end. I emailed Sammie going GET ME THE REST OF IT NOW. Samantha replied ‘simmer the fuck down’ but got me the rest. I don’t think it’s possible to read this story and come out of it anything, but smiling. We don’t like to play favs at LT3, we love all of our authors, but there is a fondness for this story, NGL.

The PI and the Rockstar, by the kickass K-Lee Klein, is probably the one that plays the loosest with the whole undercover theme, but we liked the story enough to include it anyway :3 K-Lee has a genuine flare for humor, which I adore in any author, and enjoys making her chars suffer emotionally :3 I do believe she is working on a prequel for these chars, so yay fun times ^_^

Glamour by Holly Rinna-White is one of two stories that I think executes the premise best, and it definitely has the most creative spin on a particular psychic ability that I’ve ever encountered. I also adore the brother, especially the little one.

Westerns are a genre that I’m still not huge on, though I like it more now than I used to. I always keep an eye out for them because Samantha is a fan, though. The Virginia Gentleman is the best one I’ve read this year (it’s literally the only one I can remember, though I’ve read a few). Alison Bailey is an awesome writer; if you’re not one for serials, definitely read her’s when it comes out as an ebook.

The Royal Inquisitor was written by some weirdo the company is forced to put up with :3

Regarding the Detective’s Companion is by E.E. Ottoman, who likes to drive me crazy by coming up with long titles as often as possible (her Rentboy story has a short title! I died of shock!). This is about a young man, wheelchair bound, who is determined to make his own way as a private detective. ‘Tis an awesome story, and I’ve always been a fan of Ottoman’s style 😀

The Demon Bride, by the lovely Isabella Carter, is fun because it starts with dead bodies being left at doors. The MC is much with the love, and I like the way the detecting is a family business. The demon element is awesome, and I like the way the romance plays out at the end.

Too Dangerous is of course written by my roommate, her second foray into sci-fi I think (her first being a story that technically started out fanfic for Kidnapped verse :3) and of course I adore everything about it.

If you have not picked up Private Dicks: Undercovers, definitely consider it ^__^ LT3 adores the anthologies it puts out, and I think this is one of our best so far, without a doubt. Friday Recs to come, I hope peeps are gearing up for an awesome weekend!