All of the books x_x

So when I started out this year, I had a few books planned, but not many. I’m just too busy to write as much as I used to, though with Sasha and Sam going LT3 full time that will probably change.

Somehow, I have managed with a crazy number of release anyway. I’m not sure how. It’s no wonder I’m so fucking tired.

May: Dracones and Backwoods Asylum

June: Herbal Remedy (which goes with Sasha’s Beach Remedy)

July: Dance Only for Me

October: With Pride and The Engineered Throne

Serial wise, I am working on Of Last Resort (which is the same verse, set three years later, as With Pride).

SMP has kindly given me an extension so I can still give them a tentacle story I promised I would write, which I am going to focus on today. Where I have time between all my other stories, I am picking away at a mecha story.

And somewhere in this mess, I would still like to tackle a number of other stories I wanted to do this year, and as ever LT3’s submission calls are very shiny and distracting. Check them out if you have not, the newest ones are Won’t Back Down and Satisfaction Guaranteed 😀

Now it’s time for caffeine and tentacles. Ya’ll take care :3