So here’s a question for you, peeps.

If I were to finally get around to audiobooks, which of my books would you like to see first? Gimme your top three :3

7 thoughts on “audiobooks

  1. 1. Sandstorm
    2. Prisoner
    3. Jewels of Bangkok

    Those are in order of how often I re-read them, of course, but the one thing that would make me hesitate about having Sandstorm or Prisoner in audiobook form would be the pronunciation of some of the names. As long as pronunciations were done well (and by well I mean the German-looking names sounding like that and the same thing with the Arabic-type names) I’d be happy to get an audiobook of both.

  2. 1. ALL OF THEM
    2. But seriously, the Kria universe
    3. Lost Gods series

    But I really don’t care what. I will buy them ALL. 😀

  3. The Lost Gods series and your Dance with the Devil series…to start with… 🙂

  4. The Missing Butterfly would be my first vote. It was the first book I read of yours and the most reread.

  5. 1. Dance with the Devil
    2. Dance in the Dark
    3. Jewel Bonds 1-4 (I count them as one book because they are short stories)

    Another question would be who (male or female) will read the books?
    I bought an audio-book at DSP and really don’t like the narrator’s voice and reading.

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