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Though, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot going on atm. All of this is old new, alas.

For those that love fairytales and may not have yet noticed (though you probably have), LT3 has re-released my original book of Fairytales Slashed, and put out a second book with four novella-length tales by me and Sasha L. Miller ^__^ They are here


LT3 is also doing an awesome holiday thing for subscribers! The stories are written by me, Sasha L. Miller, and Jaime Riordan.

Holiday Treats cover

Seasons Greetings from Less Than Three!

In the spirit of the season, and in thanks for your marvelous support, Less Than Three is offering to our serial subscribers thirty-one days of stories. Every day throughout the month of December we will be posting seasonal shorts—thirty-one cute, fluffy bits of seasonal romance for you to enjoy!

Stories range from five hundred to a thousand words, and on Christmas day you may just find a little extra. Stories vary wildly from the familiar to the new, from contemporary to fantasy. Any story a bit too out of the ordinary will be accompanied by a warning for those who care not to indulge in certain sweets.

Thanks again for your support, we could not do it without you. Happy Holidays!

Click here for your Holiday Treats!


LT3 has also wrapped up our call for submission for Bad Moon Rising and put out a call for a new anthology:

Something Happened on the Way To Heaven
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

Less Than Three Press is pleased to announce open submissions for our new anthology, Something Happened on the Way to Heaven:

Archangels. Guardians Angels. Cherubim. Angels of death, wrath, vengeance, love, peace, and hope. Fallen Angels. Nephilim. The lore of angels is wide and varied, from battles lost and won, to duties fulfilled and failed, from men raised up to their ranks, and angels banished forever from the heavens. They can be fierce warriors and gentle guides, heralds of joy and tragedy. They are beings of fearsome power, and the highest of servants.

But what else can angels be? What happens when they soar too high, or dive too low? Are they flawless in their servitude, or cursed and blessed with free will? Let your mind soar, and bring us your tales of what happens when angels stray off course…

See Submission Guidelines for more detail!


Next, if you want a nice hit of cute and fluffy every Sunday, there’s a place for that :3 Come read, write, and enjoy the overwhelming amounts of sap with us ^__^


And finally, I have tweaked my webpage slightly re: the menu. I think it will be much easier to deal with now ^__^ And hopefully I’ll be adding new stuff before long. Ciao!