New Release – Rabbit Season

So like, a year or more ago, I did a donation/auction type thingie, and one of the winners asked if I was willing to do incest. I think we all know the answer to that. Incest is obviously one of the major taboos in writing, right up there with rape in terms of things that should be dealt with seriously and not treated like a game or some shiny neat thing.

Does that mean I shouldn’t write about it? That people shouldn’t read it? Of course not. That’s what books are for, exploring and indulging things that we absolutely would never tolerate IRL.

She gave me a few promises, and I went with the twins one. She wanted shifters, IIRC, so I went with twin rabbits and a duck :3 The rough concepts for looks and personalities came from the requester, but after that it was all on me. I don’t remember when/why I decided it would go well in the same verse as Backwoods, but I do think it’s found a good home there.

Rabbit Season

The fact that rabbits in this verse have very different views on family (and incest) than most of society definitely adds to the tensions and turmoil that are the running theme through this series.

For the curious, I currently have two others in mind, though I’m still deliberating the order they should go in. One is a follow-up to Backwoods Asylum, and will deal with that couple and their family more. The other is going to be about an alligator and a raccoon.

For now, I hope you enjoy Rabbit Season (and if the threesome twincest thing is not your scene, no worries, whatever I do next in this verse, you’ll be able to follow along fine without this one).

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And if you’ve never read Backwoods, you get it in ebook or audio.

Hope everyone is having a good week, and staying warm!