The High King’s Golden Tongue

High King 5x8

So this time last year I was finally tackling a story I had been wanting to write forever: the long version of The High King’s Golden Tongue. It was a wonderful prompt that deserved more attention than I had originally been able to give it, and I was bouncing off the walls excited to finally do it justice. Here we are a year later, right back into NaNaoWriMo and High King v2 makes its debut ^__^

My favorite part was probably being able to flesh out the existing characters and add new ones. Lesto and Rene probably got one of the most significant makeovers, as they go from unrelated figures to close brothers (and Sarrica’s deceased husband their other brother). And Lord Tara, Rene’s ex lover and the palace eccentric (but not eccentric because he’s trans). There was also all the world building, which is the favorite part of any fantasy junkie.

Mostly, though, I always have the most fun when I’m writing for someone. I wrote Missing Butterfly and all the other stores for Sasha and Sam. I wrote Tournament of Losers for Piper. Midnight was written for a prompt. And High King was definitely written for Fehu and everyone who loved the original and wanted a bigger version. My stories seldom get the kind of attention that High King drew, and it made me happier than I can articulate. And 2015 has been a rough year, especially these past couple of months. The kind words and anticipation and excitement for this story has kept me going even when I wanted to just quit the genre entirely a week ago.

So thank you. I hope you enjoy your story.


13 thoughts on “The High King’s Golden Tongue

  1. Your means of explaining all in this article is genuinely pleasant,
    every one be capable of effortlessly know it, Thanks a lot.

  2. I will endeavor to write all of that list I possibly can ^__^ than you so much for sticking with me, you’ve no idea how much comments like this brighten even the shittiest day <3 <3 <3

  3. <3 <3 <3

    I finished The High King's Golden Tongue last night and all I can say is WOW!!! It's definitely getting a review. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for Lesto's story.

    Of course, there are a LOT of your books I'm waiting for: the sequel to Lukos Heat, Lesto's story, the sequel to Highland Wolves (if there is one), finding out what happens with Kria, the next Tavamara, and I could go on, but won't.

    Plus, a short list of my favourites (for those who might not have read them): Finder Tolan, Love Tokens, A Trilogy of Knights, Magic and Mischief, Lukos Heat [2nd Edition], The High King's Golden Tongue [2nd Edition], Kiss the Rain, Bound, Prisoner, Treasure, Sandstorm, Knight to Rook, Locke & Key, Backwoods Asylum, Runescribe.

    Thank you again, Megan. You have contributed to the significant number of re-reads on my ereader.

  4. Sad to say I don’t remember the kidnapped comment. But I will go hunt it out at some point and see if I remember if I had plans for it.

    The Consort tearing through the pits was actually to do with Ken. He hires Rick and they raise unmitigated hell to get Ken and Nevada out of the pits. I plan to spell it out more when I finally get around to Rick’s story ^^

    But I’ll keep ‘Chris absolutely furious when best friend gets kidnapped’ on file :3

  5. I’m so excited to read this story! The short version has to be the most-read item on my Kindle and now the the extended version is out – awesome. Unfortunately, it’s going to have to go unread for the next couple of days because I have so much work to do that if I start reading now then I know I won’t get anything done at all. Anticipation… 😀

  6. I’m so excited for this book that I keep almost accidentally buying it over and over again every time it comes up on my feed somewhere. ^__^; Just one more day. Oooooooone. More. Day. *twitch*

  7. I love your stories so much, and I loved what you did with Lukos Heat. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

    I’ve already preordered “The High King’s Golden Tongue” because when I read it I enjoyed it, and could see that there was a lot you’d left out in order to make the timeframe.

    So many of your books are on my favourites list, it’s not funny, and I recommend you to other fantasy lovers regularly.

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We treasure every one.

  8. I hope you never stop writing especially this genre! I love your stories – they are the ones I read everytime I want a break from reality! Don’t get discouraged . You do have a loyal fan base and I would be devastated to lose your writing!

  9. Gaaah! It’s finally coming! I’m totally hyped here! I’ve been waiting for the longer version since I first read the original short story, which I have read like thousand times over and over.
    I was one of those peeps who were begging for the longer version. ^^;
    I’m sooo exited! Thank you so much for obliging us fanatics!

    By the way, there’s one thing that’s been nagging me about the Dance series. In one of them (can’t recall which one) someone mentions that Doug got kidnapped once and in the Dance in the Dark it was mentioned that a Consort tore through the pits… Was it maybe Chris looking for Doug? If so I would really like to read that story as well. I’m thinking it would be epic with Chris bring absolutely furious when his best friend gets kidnapped. Maybe Doug’s old asshole owner was behind it to get back at Chris for taking Doug from him? It was just a thought. ^^;

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