New Release: Twilight (DwtD #7)

DwtD 7 - Twilight

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So I’ve said before that Twilight was the book I actually never had plans to write. More than anything else, I wasn’t certain I could do Avalon justice. He’s always been more than a little intimidating, given who and what he is, all he’s been through. And I’m no historical writer, as I thinkย Midnight proves.

But my wife and friends asked, and I’m weaksauce. So hopefully I haven’t fucked up ^^

It was fun being able to write Devlin and crew again. This one obviously focuses on Neirin and Barra (and Avalon). Like Midnight, it’s divided into parts and each part is a different POV.

This book also obviously connects different threads of DwtD verse, since the final book, Dance in the Storm, will really bring them all together. The connections to DwtD and Sotk/SotD are pretty obvious, but there is also a couple of connections to Dance Only for Me. One pretty obvious, the other maybe not as much, you’ll have to tell me :3

Sadly, I can’t really discuss my favorite bits of this book because it’s all spoilery stuffs. But I do hope you enjoy Twilight, and all the shenanigans therein. And since I can’t babble about the book much, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite little bits ? Because nothing is more fun than fucking with Devlin.


Heaving a sigh, Devlin faced Avalon once more. “So what do I need to do? This is magic beyond my experience.”

Avalon winced. “Declare it, that you give me one year of your life to give me one day of freedom.”

Devlin eyed him warily, but then stood up straight, shoulders set, and said, “I grant to Prince Avalon, freely and with full understanding, one year of life that you may have one day of freedom.”

Avalon was absolutely certain he was about to die. Stepping forward, moving as quickly as possible, he grasped Devlin’s face, kissed each of his cheeks, and finally the softest, briefest kiss he could manage across his mouth. Stepping hastily away and bracing to be hit, he said, “The bargain is struck and sealed.”

For a moment, Devlin just gaped, too taken aback to react. But before disbelief could turn to anger, the room filled with the sound of laughter. They turned to Midnight, who was laughing so hard he had to lean against a nearby chair to keep himself from falling over.

He looked up, saw them staring, and just laughed harder. “Your faces. I have never seen two people enjoy a kiss less, and it barely counts as a kiss. Iโ€”” He broke off, laughing too hard to speak. Devlin stormed past him, pausing just long enough to shove Midnight over, and left the room.

6 thoughts on “New Release: Twilight (DwtD #7)

  1. AH ! Yes, that’s it. The entrapment in the mirror! Now everything is clear! Hihihihihi I can’t wait for the Dance in the Storm!!! I’m so excited !

  2. Heh, I am glad peeps approve of something I’ve been holding on to for AGES.

    Christian doesn’t know. He finds out in Dance in the Storm :3

    Sable is very very very very old. He is definitely the most powerful of all the DwtD characters. In demon years, he’s a few millennia. Going exclusively by how long he’s been on the mortal plane (discounting the hour or so he was around for Avalon’s making) he’s been around for several centuries, though a lot of that was spent trapped in a mirror. And that makes Chris the second most powerful, though he and Devlin honestly draw pretty close. Most witches and sorcerers do not live as long as Devlin has, he’s rather unprecedented.

  3. Yep yep. I would not bring Devlin all the way to modern day without plans for him to meet his descendant ๐Ÿ˜€ It’ll be in Dance in the Storm

  4. Loved the book! About to re-read. I enjoyed it immensely. I can’t wait for the last story in the series. Thanks for another wonderful look at this universe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜€

    If you don’t mind, is there going to be a meeting between Chris (and his mother, if she’s still alive) and Devlin? I’ve been waiting for that and thought it might be in this book with all the other meetings.

  6. I just finished rereading Shield since it was a while I had read it and after finishing Twilight I wanted to reconnect. It was awesome (all books in Dance verse are). Sable has a son? Something resembling a son at least …That was the most amazing thing ever. I laughed so hard at the thought of how Sable brought that up to Christian. (Not considering how angry Christian would be at how it happened) But his face after being told he is a somewhat stepdad??
    I have questions though. How old is Sable? Avalon is 600 + so wouldn’t that make him older? And if that’s so, Sable must truly be the most powerful of all Dance characters since all of them fear Avalon who said he didn’t have the same power as his “father” had. I kind of dig that idea cause Cristian and Sable are my favorite couple.

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