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So as most have noticed by now, A Trilogy of Knights is now available for interested parties. This is a set of old old old stories that are still on my website (though they’ll be coming down once I have a chance to clean up my poor neglected website, along with the gallery stories). I mostly publish them for peeps who want to have them nearer to hand. They’ve been tidied up a bit, but no real rehaul was done. It was weird rereading them, and seeing where I started and just how far I’ve come.


Coming out in June is a new Dance with the Devil short, about Wyatt and Deacon (from Dance Only for Me) For those who always wanted to see a bit more about the notorious goblins of Dance-verse you are getting your wish.


The first two books in this series are coming back to me in June, so look for this trilogy with new covers in June or July. I also plan to do an omnibus at some point, but that might take until August, I just have so much on my plate.

And coming later this year, roundabouts September, is The Toymaker’s Hoard, an MMM story set in the same verse as Love Tokens. This story is about the titular toymaker, the chief of police, a duke’s son, and a few shenanigans :3

I am also about to start working on reading through these three, to dust them off and shine them up for their new covers. I really really really love these covers, I think they suit the books perfectly. The field of arcen, and the matching sword between Prisoner and Bound especially just make me 100 kinds of giddy. They’ve also been given a new, proper series name, instead of simple ‘kria’ which didn’t really fit, though it wasn’t entirely wrong. Nothing major will change about any of these, and as ever, if you bought them previously and want the new editions (when they come out) all you have to do is email me. Proof of purchase is not required. Once I have a firm date on the re-release, I’ll let peeps know.

I’ve got a bunch of other stuff in the works – the third Anti-Heroes book is about half done and I’ve also started the fourth; the final Dance with the Devil novel is moving steadily along, and there’s more High Court and other things in train. Busy busy as ever.

That’s about all I’ve got for now! I hope everyone has a good weekend! ❤️


One thought on “Books and Writing

  1. I was wondering if you were still planning to publish “The Stolen Court” in the Unbroken Soldiers series. I’ve got books 1, 2, & 2.5, so I’m guessing it would be 3?
    I adore your writing and have been steadily collecting a book or three more each paycheck. Thank you so much for sharing your imagination (and hard work – I’m an author, too, and know how much work goes into this biz) and I look forward to more of your awesome stories. <3

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