Mostly Fairytales :3

Added a few things to my website that I realized were missing, and an oldie that peeps keep asking about :3

There is now a drabbles section, which has all ten of the fairytale drabbles I have thus far written ^__^

Added the Knight of the Rose to the ficbits section.

Lastly, to short stories I added: The Shining Knight, The Prince’s Questions, Ivan the Heartless, and Deceived, since people keep asking about it and its old enough I don’t mind putting it here ^__^

7 thoughts on “Mostly Fairytales :3

  1. You’re welcome!
    Really? Awesome! Because I was thinking about what Devlin said about the White’s always being around, even if they were “white” witches. And Chris’s mom did go black, to be with Daniel, which is really what her family was to begin with….. That’s so awesome. :] I wonder if Chris’s mom knows the story about Devlin and Midnight, or did Devlin’s siblings just cut all contact from him? I really hope to see Dance with the Devil again, someday.

  2. You are very sharp, and absolutely correct ^__^ Chris is descended from that very brother, who founded the colony of ‘white witches’ that Chris’ mother belonged to until she shacked up with Daniel :3 Thanks for reading <3 <3 <3

  3. I love all your stories! I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve bought practically all your ebooks. Though I do have a question….. I was rereading “Midnight” and I noticed that Devlin’s last name White made me think of Chris from Dance with the Devil…. so I was sitting there wondering if maybe Chris is the descendant from Devlin’s little brother? Since two of his three siblings left for the New World.

  4. Ahaha, that makes sense ^_^

    Uh, I think The King’s Harem is next. It was supposed to be out this week, but there was a snafu and it should be out next week.

  5. Gods, I’m so ashamed of myself!! I’m so sorry! That’s what happens when I’m doing too many things at once– I wrote Megan in an email to my teacher Amanda and called you Amanda instead of Megan *headwall* not my best day…

    By the way, may I ask when will your next ebook be released? I am looking forward to reading all your books featured in the “coming soon” section at LT3… I hope we don’t have to wait too long! 😀

    Thank you for your reply and I apologize for the mix-up!! >___<

  6. YAY!!

    I am completely in love with your fiction, Amanda!! And I feel I am very, very lucky to have a favorite author that updates so often!!

    I am looking forward to more releases here and at LT3!! *-*

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