Stuff Added

Added a whole slew of ficbits: one prisoner, separated out the superhero stuff, added admirer, sandstorm, harem, and a few stand alone.

WIP section is gone, replaced by coming soon. May add actual snippets, but not tonight.

Fixed the published page.

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote on porn!. I have written 1.5 of them already, will write the others this week and type them up over the weekend.


As I have mentioned a couple of other places, I am going to give away print copies of Sandstorm and Harem. I am hoping to finally put that together this week. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Stuff Added

  1. It was serialized for LT3’s That Famous Happy End Anthology. It’s actually coming out soon as an ebook & paperback. This week, actually ^__^

  2. What ever came if that wonderful tidbit you had while ago in your WIP section about a geek falling for his best friend? Also, can’t wait for all the new stuff!!!

  3. My love for you has like quadrupled itself because you brought them into Admirer. My cat was scared by my squeal of happiness when I finally connected the dots. O-O You’re doing a rehaul of their story? -is jumping up and down in excitement-

    Of course I’ll remember Dixie and Greg. Dixie’s adorable with his accent and screwing with people’s minds making them believe he’s some dumb hick when he’s like too awesome for words. And I love Greg. Are you gonna bring back your other Superhero story? The one with the guy whose little sister was kidnapped or something like that? I can’t remember the name of the story, but it was before Dixie and Greg’s story.

  4. ::laugh:: Yeah, I could not resist bringing them into Admirer some how. I need to finish the rehaul of their story ^^;

    It always amazes me how many people remember Dixie and Greg :3

  5. You have no idea how badly I fangirled when I read the ficbit from The Admirer. I finally connected where I saw Selsor and Jenohn from! I was like, “O.O It’s- it’s them! From one of her old stories! -spazzes out-”
    I admit that I also spazzed when I read the two ficbits that had Dixie and Greg. I’m in heaven at the moment. ^-^

  6. I’m reeaaaly hoping to knock out in a couple of weeks of crazy ass writing, cause I want it done and off my stress level.

  7. You have no idea how ridiculously excited I got to see DwtD in that Coming Soon section. It’s like this little tightness in my chest which is a squee that is kept inside and not let out. ^^;;


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