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So I said fuck it recently and read some books. Read 4 over…3 days? I won’t say they’re zomg amazing, but I will say that Kim Dare is a very solid writer (not that anyone needs me to say it, anyone in our neck of the woods knows she kicks more than a little ass).

These books were more fun than I thought they would be (and more fun than the dumbass covers imply). My favorite was definitely the fourth, followed by the second. My least favorite was the third, but that’s very much a personal preference type of thing, not at all that the book should be considered less than the others.

My favorite by Kim Dare is still The Stroke of Twelve but these were a nice, fun, junk food break :3

Especially the fourth, because she just fucking nailed it in that one, I feel. I really liked the dynamic between the OCs, and kind of wish it could have been a longer novel with room to play with it all more. I totally love Cameron and Franklin, I really really do.

3 thoughts on “Book Recs

  1. ^-^ Yeah, same here. Usually it hits me when I’m reading one of your shorter ebooks or reading some other ebook that reminds me of the books. There is this one book that’s kinda like this series called “Concubine” by Jill Knowles, it’s really good.

  2. Aha, my exactly opposite in the order of books ^__^

    I have to be in the mood for them, which lately I have been, but I feel a change in the wind soon.

  3. I own all four of those! I actually like the third book, followed by the first, then second then fourth. I’m normally not into those kinds of books, but they weren’t too much.

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