First: Alice won the ficbit drawing ^__^ She requested Pancraz/Vester, so I will be working on that this weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€

Two, have a snippet of Meant to Be, because it’s Friday and I know some peeps have already finished the new Kidnapped.

Planet 2051225-3554 (Moon of Telve), Private Estate of Itzal Bikendi

Pyotr ignored the looks everyone was giving him, and strode off after Bikendi, Raoul close on his heels. He punched the button for the lift, and the doors slid smoothly open. Stepping into the lift deck, he looked out through the double layers of special glass to the endless expanse of space beyond as they were carried up.

“Bikendi is going to kill you,” Raoul said with a soft chuckle. “Assuming someone else doesn’t beat him to it.”

“No one has killed me for being a cold-hearted bastard yet,” Pyotr replied lightly.

Raoul snickered again. “There’s always a breaking point, boss. Guess it’s a good thing you’ve got me.”

Pyotr nodded in agreement, glancing over his bodyguard of many terms. Being half-Fornarian, half-human, Raoul was unusual and therefore drew more attention than a bodyguard strictly should, but it tended to work well for Pyotr: they noticed him, and vastly underestimated him. But Raoul was nobody’s fool; he was a former Black Ops soldier of the Authorities Special Forces, and would still be there if he had not volunteered to leave his position to take up full time as Pyotr’s bodyguard. “We’ll be leaving shortly; there’s no reason for my continued presence here and I will be needed once Daie reaches Zero.”

“But we can’t return home until we go deal with that problem on Meltana,” Raoul finished with a grimace. “I guess I won’t be able to complain of boredom once we’re there.”

Not bothering to reply to that, because there was always a fight on the notoriously problematic mining planet, Pyotr merely stepped off the lift as they reached the floor to which he knew Bikendi had retreated. The doors opened to a large, open living space, the lights dimmed to a soothing, almost intimate level. With most anyone else, Pyotr would have been suspicious of the darkened room, but Bikendi was half-Telven and so had little need for large amounts of light.

Pyotr strode over to the small bar tucked away in one corner of the room, just behind a long, black sofa made of Telven leather. He poured a small measure of Zero brandy into a red crystal glass, then sat down on the sofa. “How long are you going to be petulant about this, Bikendi?”

“May they leave you a bloodless corpse on your mother’s doorstep,” Bikendi said, coming out of the shadows of the hallway, hanging well back, purple eyes glowing faintly in the near dark. “You had no business matching me to the boy.”

“No business?” Pyotr repeated, swirling his brandy idly in its glass. “I disagree. He is obviously meant for you, and I think now that he is matched, whatever untapped magics he possesses will at last come to the fore. That aside, you must admit it is quite against the odds that a Draconis would be born who matches one of the most unique specimen in the stars. ”

Bikendi sneered, and flexed his hands, holding them in such a way that Pyotr could see themโ€”bare, the fingers long and elegant, nary a mark or scar upon them. Hands that could kill with a simple touch, and which Bikendi usually kept glove. “I am deadly enough, Pyotr. I did not need someone increasing my abilities. I also do not think it a fortuitous addition to our case, as you clearly do. The opposition is studying cases precisely like mine, to prove that the Draconis are more a danger than a bonus. That Draconis are being born who can match to people like me could prove that they are meant only to be weaponized, much like Cohen was trying to do a term ago. You are taunting Pixies, playing this game.”

Pyotr smiled and said only, “They are the kind of game I am best at. The Draconis will not be exterminated, not while I am alive.”

“I never did understand why in the name of the blood you care so damned much.”

“I have told you before that my reasons are myriad. The only one that really matters, however, is that they Draconis do not deserve to die. They’re a good race, and should not fall to the machinations of my greedy peers.” Pyotr took a sip of brandy, then said, “Do not take your ire out on the boy. He was kept ignorant of his potential in this matter. Until we landed, he did not even know I was assigning him as your assistant, since you cannot take Mendel with you.”

Bikendi shook his head. “I don’t need an assistant, and most certainly not one who is still in the nursery.”

Pyotr laughed. “Still in school perhaps, but far from the nursery. Be careful with him; he’s a huge admirer of yours and will take to heart everything you say and do. The Zero sharks will enjoy snacking on him. There is none better than you to keep him close, teach him what he needs to know, and ensure no one else gets to him. Try to actually get to know the boy, and you might see why he is entirely an asset to us.”

“I hope you drink soured blood,” Bikendi snapped. “I agreed to help you, but I told you that I was not going to be a pawn.”

“Everyone is a pawn,” Pyotr said, and finished his brandy. Setting the glass on a side table of black wood and smoky glass, he rose and smoothed out the stiff black fabric of his uniform. “You are expected on Zero in seventy five hours.”

Bikendi gestured impatiently. “I’m aware. When is Daie due?”

“Shortly after your arrival, I think it will make more of a show that way. It won’t intimidate Cathartes but it will give the rest of them a nasty shock.” He smirked, and turned away. “I will see you in three days, Bikendi. Be nice to your little assistant.” Bikendi did not reply, and Pyotr let it slide, rejoining Raoul at the lift and returning to the ground floor.

Raoul laughed as the doors slid closed. “If Bikendi was inclined toward illegal blood drinking, you would be a corpse on your mother’s doorstep.”

“I suppose the fact my mother is dead would not impede him,” Pyotr replied dryly. “Bikendi is the least of my concerns. However much he snarls, he is a soft touch. He’ll be in Valendel’s palm before they reach Zero, or shortly thereafter, depending on how tetchy he insists on being.” He fell silent as the lift opened, and stifled a sigh as he saw Lady Jundel waiting for him. “My lady,” he greeted.

Lady Jundel ignored it, and said, “You’ve certainly had your dramatic moment. Was it really necessary to keep Valendel ignorant?”

Pyotr ignored the question. “I am departing. You are all expected on Zero in seventy five hours. See to it they all get there; I would not put it past Bikendi to get wrapped up with his new assistant once he stops sulking. Be careful, all of you. I’m leaving a retinue of guards; do not be dismissive of their presence. Contact me if there are any problems.”

Nodding, obviously biting back whatever she wanted to say, Jundel let him pass and followed silently in his wake. Pyotr ignored the others still clustered in the main area, and paused only to address the guard at the bottom of the gangway to arrange for a dozen men to stay behind. “Lieutenant Vane, have you selected men to stay behind?”

“Yes, High Chancellor,” Lieutenant Vane replied, snapping a salute. “By your leave, my lord, I would like to remain behind and supervise the escort myself.”

Pyotr nodded and clapped him on the shoulder. “As you like, Lieutenant.” Nodding to the assembled guards in thanks, Pyotr gestured to Raoul and they boarded the ship to head off to deal with the next problem on his list.

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  1. I’m so…man, I’m so freaking excited we get the full story soon. I’m pretty sure I started this when it was still on and it nearly killed me when I got to the end and realized it wasn’t finished. So, so excited to get to read it again ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I want Meant To Be NOW! *sulk*

    Kidnapped was excellent – I tried to be sensible and stop reading at 1a.m., but ‘just a few more pages’ took me to 3a.m. and then there weren’t that many pages left… so I crawled into bed at around 4a.m.

    I really should know better than to read anything of yours during the week.

  3. MEANT TO BE!!!!! I am anxiously awaiting the publication of this!!! The little snippets show that you have changed it quite a bit, so it’ll make for a great new read! Thank you so much for this tidbit!

  4. Hooray Pancraz/Vester! Alice has chosen wisely. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, Kidnapped was awesome. I finished it when I woke up at 2 am because my stupid wisdom teeth were throbbing (thank you, thank you, thank you for writing something completely absorbing so that I was distracted!) and was sad all day yesterday whenever I had to put it down to do less interesting things like my job. Just so you know how awesome you are. ^_^

  5. can’t wait to read the new Kidnapped!! =) It’s definitely on my list of things to do <3

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