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State of the Everything


I have a couple of books coming out in the near future:

The Harem Master – Many read this in serial, and I hope everyone who’s been waiting for the ebook enjoy it. Definitely the most involved Tavamara book I’ve written yet. I’m really happy with it. Poly is def one of my favorite things to write.

Risk it All – Speaking of poly, this is the revamp of a story I wrote forever and a day ago. It’s set in Dance verse, the Sword of the King side, and takes place several years before SotK. For those more familiar with the Dance side, Kipling was mentioned briefly in Ruffskin, he’s the one who helped him murder Blue.

And much later this year, as many have already seen, the long-promised extended version of The High King’s Golden Tongue comes out. It clocks in at 107k (the original was 12k). It’s a very slow burn kind of romance. I think one of my favorite changes is Lesto and Rene, who are now brothers (and good at stealing the show).


In writing, I have been busy busy busy. I wrote a story for Piper Vaughn, and it was a whole hell of a lot of fun. It’s basically a 60k fairytale, based on my favorite challenges trope. That will probably come out early next year.  It’s called The Tournament of Losers.

For Sword of the King fans, the sequel is at long last done. Unlike the Dance books, you need to have read SotK for Shield of the Dragon to make sense. It takes place a short time after SotK, and the POVs are Ken, Amr, and new player Diamond. It will come out some time next year.

I have two of my three super hero stories done, Trick of the Light being the first one, Turncoat the second. The third will be Close Enough to Touch, and for those who remember, is about Minder and Byron 🙂 A whole hell of a lot has changed, but according to my betas those changes are very shiny indeed. We’ll see if I can keep it up ^^;

And for fans of The Engineered Throne, I am about a third of the way through The Painted Crown, which is about Prince Istari, who was made a hostage of Tallideth at the end of Throne. The third book will be about Bertin.

I’ve got other projects in train, I pick away at one or the other slowly when the rest of the list is being difficult. One of them is Two for the Show, which is about Nikko and Jake from Missing Butterfly verse.


In June Sasha, Sam, and I are going on vacation! \o/ Haven’t had one since I went to Hawaii a million years ago, and the other two have never really gotten to do the whole vacation thing. We are going to be having fun in Las Vegas, I’m excited. We have a spa trip planned, a day long trip to the Grand Canyon, dinner at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, and like five hundred museums and shops we want to hit. I’ve not yet decided if I’m taking my laptop, but my work email will definitely not be open. I really can’t fucking wait.

And I think that’s actually all for now, though I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Hope everyone is having a good week ^__^

All of the (mostly Christmas) Things

First up, LT3 is running a Holiday Celebration thing and their are two Kindle Fires to give away as the grand prizes. Check out the deets here ^__^

Second up, the anthology I put together this year, A Touch of Mistletoe, comes out soon. I’ve never been the editor in charge of an antho before, it was kinda fun ^__^ I had some lovely writers on board, their stories are all wonderful. Many, many thank yous to A.F. Henley, J.K. Pendragon, Talya Andor, and E.E. Ottoman. A Touch of Mistletoe comes out on December 17th.

Related to that, Amethyst Daydreams posted a fabulous review here (it goes live on the 6th). There’s also a post for it here although I swear I set a giveaway that’s not there. I could have made that bit up, who knows with me. But speaking of giveaways, if you want a chance at the paperback you can still do that on Goodreads.

In other Christmas news, I wrote a cute little short for The Missing Butterfly here. The lovely and wonderful Emily Wells is hosting a Christmas Party, and I had a lot of fun working with her before. I don’t know how people organize and manage these massive things, I can barely manage a to do list and my own little website ^^ But scope out my post if inclined, and all the other shiny things that will be happening.

In other posting news, I contributed to Queer Town Abbey’s 12 Days of Christmas, so that post will be going live soon. Once I have the link i’ll post it.

And LT3 will be participating in the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event in January, hosted by KT Grant. I am stoked ^__^

In non-writing news, I am going with Sasha to see her family for Christmas, aaaaaalll the way to the top of New York. The wretched, miserable, evil cold will probably kill me. It was nice knowing all of you. Remember me fondly.

In non Christmas news, thanks to nano I am DONE with the first draft of The High King’s Golden Tongue. Final word count was 105k. My betas have assured me I’ve done an excellent job expanding the original short. I’m not sure of the release date yet, obviously, but you will see it in 2015. Much, much love to everyone who has waited so patiently for it.

With that off my plate, I am looking to work on a handful of stories:

Anti-Heroes, which is actually a set of six stories. I want to finish all of them before I send them off for editing/publishing. Anyone who has read my silly little superhero shorts for Minder, Trick of the Light, etc, everybody’s getting rewritten/expanded. Trick of the Light is finished, actually. Next up is Turncoat. Which involves a certain cowboy and cat burglar 😉

Dragon Magic, which I posted a snippet of forever ago. I have a little over 40k of it finished. If I stick to my original notes/plans, this story is meant to be in the 150-200k range. If the aforementioned cold doesn’t kill me, this definitely will x_X I don’t know how the fuck mainstream fantasy writers put out 10 book series that are like a 500k per book. Fuck that shit, ugh ugh ugh.

Star Grinders is a sci-fi story. It’s set in the same verse as Kidnapped and Meant to Be but involves a different government, the Stalarium Empire. But a familiar party planet will make an appearance.

And Clan Mordred, which was supposed to be done this year but fell by the wayside, poor thing. I turned in Pack forever ago, but it too had to get pushed aside for other things. But that will come out in 2015 and I aim to knock out CM come hell or high water. After that, I’ll bounce back to other DwtD and SotK short stories.

There are other things on my list (The Painted Crown, a tournament story I promised Piper Vaughn, to name a couple).


For those who had not seen it, the audiobook for Dance in the Dark is out. And we just finalized the narrator for Midnight ^__^

And so far my releases for the new year include:

Rabbit Season
The Broken Forest
Shine Forever
The Harem Master

And I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

Happy Holidays, everybody stay warm (or cool)!


Travel and a WIP

Tomorrow at Why the Fuck Am I Awake ‘Clock I am headed up to New York for bridal shower type stuff. Sasha’s sister is getting married, and I am required to attend a tea party, a river tour, and a brewery. Guess which one is my favorite.

That means I will be out of touch all of Tuesday, except by twitter or text. But I will get back to people as quickly as I can. Should be relatively stable come Wednesday, but Friday we’re driving to Albany for the actual wedding stuff (the early part of the week we’re going to see Sasha’s parents since she hasn’t seen them in a bit) so I probably will not be around much over the weekend.

Next Monday we drive back, but then we’ll be busy Tuesday with unpacking and the update etc, and Wednesday we are going to Raleigh for a concert and probably will not be around until late Thursday.

And the week after that we head down to Georgia for Authors After Dark.

I cannot stress enough that we’re probably going to be sporadic at best for the first half of August. We will do our best, LT3 strives to be there for authors, readers, and everyone else with whom we work, but we may be slower to reply/react than usual. Please bear with us.

In the mean time, I am writing where I’m able. Sadly I will probably not make the Proud to be a Vampire collection, but that story will come out later. Between working on harder stuff, I am picking away at this story, if you want to read an excerpt. It’s set in the same verse as Impractical, though none of those characters appear.

If you missed my blog tour for Dance Only for Me, you can check out all the stops here:


And I think that’s all I’ve got. Off to see what else I can knock off my to do list before I must cave and do laundry/packing ^__^ Everyone have a good week! <3

Going Out of Town (and a new tattoo)

Today we are going to be on the road from about noon to seven pm. Friday morning, Sasha and I are heading to GA for the weekend and won’t be around until Sunday evening. We’ll answer emails and such as we can, but replies will likely be slow.

Project Tattoos, Round 2, is complete :3 Samantha got a ribbon added to the key on her left arm. Sasha got a beautiful feather on her left arm (we had an accidental theme this time), and I started on my butterfly sleeve (a nod to Missing Butterfly verse, but nothing as elaborate as Cassidy’s tats):

photo (3)

(this was right after he finished, will get a better pic after they’re healed. Am very very excited, I can’t wait to add more)


If you need me starting this afternoon, text or tweet ^__^

Now I am off to read A Sinner Born, because SYREN YAAAAY


The Remedies are here :3

It’s always kind of weird (and a lot lame) when I get so wrapped up in the story I’m writing that I forget about the story releasing, even though I was just talking about it last week.

But I have never claimed to be anything but weird.

So our stories are out ^__^ And I have already babbled about them incessantly so I shall not harass everyone again. For those who read, I hope you enjoy! I am really fond of Jordan, he’s so cute and fun to write. Sasha has done a couple of posts about the books here and here, and I need to write one today (I was a failure and forgot about the one I should have done Tuesday, it’s a wonder the various review sites put up with me anymore).

We are going to RM today to fetch Samantha and Kathrin for an awesome extended weekend 😀 Tattoos round one (Sam and Brandie) is this Friday, and Sasha and I are next week.

I spent all of yesterday reading through the story that has been hating me and I think I finally have at least a majority of it sorted. If I can find the time, I can crack down on the effing thing. Writing is not normally so argh for me, but I’m so busy with other things the focus is not there.

Peeps are still enjoy my serials, which makes me happy, even if ‘enjoy’ here means ‘calling me a jerk’ :3 :3 :3  Readers seem to forget (and some I guess would not know) that I have been a serial-style writer since I started writing. It’s my game and I play it well, cackling evilly throughout.

For the non-masochists in the audience, Dance Only for Me comes out next month ^__^

Now to go get dressed and clean up the house a bit, and then see if I can’t write that long overdue blog post for tomorrow ^^;;

Ya’ll take care! <3 <3 <3

Various and Sundry things :3


Busy busy busy. I’m not sure what I would do with myself if I was ever NOT busy, though NGL I’d be more than happy to find out sometime.

Am mostly working on two long stories, related. I fell a bit behind (as usual) because of other stuff, but With Pride is nearly done and Of Last Resort is slowly getting there. Hoping to really crack into them next week and finally get that shit done. Between those two longer projects, I am juggling short stories — a mecha story for a private LT3 call, a short story for Wyatt (from Dance Only for Me) and  a Teen Wolf knight AU I’m going to work on for the Sterek Big Bang that starts in a couple of days.

TEEN WOLF STARTS SOON EEEEEEEEE. And HANNIBAL is my favoritest show ever. Between those, I watch marathons of Chopped and Sasha and I are working our way through S2 of Justified. I really really need for Person of Interest to come back.

Sasha’s last day at her dayjob is this Friday. After that, all of LT3 is fulltime LT3 😀

Sasha and I are celebrating with spring cleaning ^^;;; But next weekend I’m going to go see Pacific Rim, cause that movie looks *__*

Have a very busy summer looming. Concert, bridal shower, a couple of conventions, going to a book signing for Neil Gaiman’s new book, and I’m pretty sure there’s shit I’m forgetting. LT3 is busy with travelling and crap from June through September. We’re basically getting done with all of that in time for October, which is going to be crazy busy with 18 vampire stories and three other releases, and then straight into the holidays x_x

Much love to everyone who is enjoying my stories lately! I’ve gotten many lovely comments and reviews on Backwoods <3 And I have never been yelled at for a story so much in my life as I am with Engineered Throne. Even BB did not get me in this much trouble ^^;;;; Peeps seem to be enjoying Jackie and the rest of the Dance Only for Me posse, too, which makes me 😀 😀 😀

In two weeks, my double release with Sasha comes out!

remedybeach Herbs and spices.

This verse began with Quality Control, and Sasha let me steal a character from that book. That char was Astor, and he featured in The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn. The vampire in Beach Remedy is a cousin of Astor :3 I’m sure we’ll come up with more stories down the road, this verse is light-hearted and silly and fun. I had a blast with my character, Jordan, whom Sasha dictated would be a hippie witch ;3 And so he is.

And I feel there is something I’m forgetting, and it will come to me right after I hit post, but so it goes ;3

Ya’ll take care!

Pre-order, guest post, whatever else I think of

Dracones is up at Storm Moon Press and available for pre-order!

Definitely follow the link to check out the blurb for all the stories (which all sound so fucking shiny), but here is the one for mine:

Finally, in Lukos Heat, a mission of revenge sends the dragon Najlah into the mountains and into an unlikely partnership with the wolf shifter Barkus. And the closer they get to their quarry, the more they realize that nothing is as it appears.

And if you would like an excerpt of it, Emily at Sharing Links and Wisdom invited me to be a guest poster for her month-long birthday celebration. My post has excerpts for Lukos Heat and Backwoods Asylum (and giveaways), so drop by to read and say Happy Birthday to Emily ^___^

I am in very good company in this anthology, and cannot wait to read the other stories.

– – – – –

Way to Your Heart is all wrapped up. Thanks again to all who played along and celebrated with us, and all the kinds words from authors and readers alike. You can still read all the posts if you’re so inclined. Sasha is coordinating the giveaways, and handing out prizes over the next few days :3

– – – – –

Hannibal has premiered on NBC and I am so FUCKING OBSESSED. Mads Mikkelson is like my new true love, he is goddamn amazing as Hannibal, I can’t even. All of the actors are amazing, and the I love what they’ve done with Freddie and Bloom. Freddie especially, that’s an awesome genderbend so far. And the tension is so. much. worse. when you know what’s coming. I love it.

– – – – –

On the writing front, sadly have fallen behind. I wound up with a bunch of editing and beta projects and I’m so busy with those I haven’t been able to write much. But it’s hardly a chore and all the stories I’ve read so far have been amazing.

When I do manage to write a couple hundred or so words here and there, I am actually bouncing between two: Of Last Resort and With Pride. They’re both set in the same verse (Princes of the Blood), and With Pride is set three years before Of Last Resort, so being able to work on them simultaneously is interesting and handy. Of Last Resort is the one with which peeps are already familiar, it will be replacing Dance Only for Me in August as my LT3 serial.

With Pride will be part of the LT3’s Proud to be a Vampire collection, and comes out in October. It’s still very rough, but excerpt below, and now I must get back to work. I hope everyone has a good week!

Continue reading

Next Serial: Poll time!

So currently I am running two serials. One of those slots (Throne) will be taken over by another author, but the other slot (Dance) is pretty much my permanent slot. I need to start writing the story to follow Dance this month or next, but I am having trouble deciding what story to tackle. I thought I would give those interested a chance in helping me pick ^__^

(each choice should link to a snippet of story, or in the case of High King, where you can DL the original free short)
[poll id=”4″]

Serials, short story, and my greatest distraction

The Engineered Throne begin today \o/ I am stupid excited, and I hope everyone likes it (first chapter of serials is always free, if you’re curious but not a subscriber). I have never had so many people tell me they’re looking forward to a story, so I really really hope it proves worth the wait ^__^ Much love to you peeps, you keep me motivated more than you know.

I am also excited that in Dance Only for Me, a particular side character shows up again very briefly. This would be the one who was nowhere in my notes, but showed up in the writing and refused to leave (I might have his sidestory already half-written). Also, a certain demon and consort make a brief appearance ^__^

In other news, I finished writing a ridiculously fluffy story about a snake shifter who finds a couple of abandoned wolf shifter puppies in the woods :3 My darling Lor Rose is helping me with a title, then I must wrangle a beta and start getting it into shape. When it will be out, I do not know, but I’m sure it will be sooner rather than later.

Aaaand I must scramble madly to get a whole lot done in the next couple of months because Teen Wolf starts June 3rd and I will get nothing done while Jeff Davis does his best to drive me insane and Derek Hale struts around looking ridiculously hot and angsty. I spent most of my weekend being a slacking slacker and finished up a very silly Teen Wolf fic.

Now I shall stop plaguing everyone with my fangirling and get back to work ^__^ Everyone take care!

Various and Sundry Things

I have some recs coming, will do those later this afternoon after I’ve caught up on some work.

Have been busy busy busy with LT3 work. I am up to my ears in editing and layout, I have a whole batch of Kiss Me at Midnight stories to prepare once I’m done with this, and Sammie sends me more whenever I get a batch done :3

I submitted a story to SMP’s Dracones call, because I cannot resist dragons. It feels very weird to sub a story to another publisher. Hopefully they like it 😀 Much love to Terry for beta’ing, and Lor Rose for coming up with the title <3 Speaking of books, I've been asked before if I was going to make some of my free stuff into ebooks. I started with the fairytales:

You can find them here and here (Ivan the Heartless is special to me, so it gets to stand alone). If you have a pref on what I work on next, just say.

Speaking of books, this is out in ebook soon!

It’s here for pre-order (and 20% off).

This story was fun to write. I tend to be more OTT and ridiculous (I think) when I write contemporary, which always makes it a nice break from the fantasy stuff I work on. I’m always honored people like my contemporary stories as much as they do. For those that enjoyed Delivery with a Smile, there might be a couple of familiar faces making an appearance :3 Next up in this ‘verse is of course Paradise.

Much love to the musicians I stalk online, they provided more information than they probably realize for some of the little details I used in this story :3 Also to Sasha, who is a bigger bandom geek than me, and Samantha who beat this story into shape.

And with Romance Novel wrapping up, Dance Only for Me will begin the start of January.

I’ll set up a giveaway a couple of weeks before it goes up, for a chance at a three month subscription. I’m beyond stupid excited for this book, I really really hope peeps like it. I adore Jackie and his love interest, and all the other characters. This one actually required quite a bit of research, since it leans more heavily on history than the other ones.

Speaking of serial, Rocking Hard will start running in February. There are three volumes in total, here is the fabulous cover for Volume One:

And the entertainers, all of them talented and fabulous:

Sol Crafter – Centrifical
Diana Sheridan – Fringe Benefits
Talya Andor – Courage Wolf Never Sings the Gorram Blues
Lacie J. Archer – Put You in a Song
Angel Propps – A Haunted Melody

Not signed up for LT3 Serials? Shame, that’s a shame :3 It’s $3.25 a month, you should join us 😉 It’s a good time to do it, we have stories wrapping up and a whole new set coming forward. Check them out.


My weekend is going to be spent writing, editing, and BAKING. Sasha is making candy, and I am making cookies, and a small project suddenly turned into a baking weekend o’doom. There will also be fudge and chocolates filled with booze. Also a baker filled with booze, but that’s SOP around these parts :3

These are the cookies I’m making:

Image and recipe credit here.

And now I really need to get cracking on those ebooks ^__^ Everyone have a good weekend! <3