Next Serial: Poll time!

So currently I am running two serials. One of those slots (Throne) will be taken over by another author, but the other slot (Dance) is pretty much my permanent slot. I need to start writing the story to follow Dance this month or next, but I am having trouble deciding what story to tackle. I thought I would give those interested a chance in helping me pick ^__^

(each choice should link to a snippet of story, or in the case of High King, where you can DL the original free short)
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12 thoughts on “Next Serial: Poll time!

  1. They will all get written eventually. I adore and want to do them all, which is why it’s hard to pick which goes first ^^

  2. Both The Last Resort and The Last Resort sound awesome. Either would be much appreciated.

  3. You’re still writing all three stories, though, right? Because I LOVE the High King story, already and an extended version sounds fantastic, but I also really want to read the other two.

  4. Megan
    I love all three stories. So I really hope that eventually you will be able to do all three. But which ever one gets chosen I look forward too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Is it wrong that after reading the samples I want The High King’s Golden Tongue (extended version) to be the next serial and for Of Last Resort to be published as a ebook, preferably within the next two minutes but I could wait for a few months.

  6. Shit, Megan. How’m I suppose to vote for one when I like all three?! I’m gonna have to play “eenie meenie minie moe”

  7. No, no. The SLOT will get taken over, when Throne is finished. I meant I won’t be doing two serials anymore, just one.

  8. If you don’t mind me asking, what happened with Throne that it’ll get taken over? I know that it was moved up in place of Satyre, and you have to scramble to get it in, but the result is quite satisfied. Does this mean the story will be pull down incomplete? Will it come back after the replaced story finished or you have other plan with it?

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