Various things

Thank you thank you to all who participated in my serial poll ^__^ The winner was very clearly Of Last Resort so that is what I shall be working on next. Never fear on the other two, however, I will get to them.

In other book news, I have updated my coming soon page so you can accurately read on what is coming out soon. But the quick version: I have my silly bit of fluff Backwoods Asylum coming out in May, my story Lukos Heat comes out at SMP as part of their Dracones anthology in April. In August, Dance Only for Me will finish up as a serial and move to the ebook market, and in October The Engineered Throne will join it ^__^ Whatever else might come out along the way, I guess we shall see :3

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Check it out! The fun begins soon ^__^

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LT3 is attending Authors After Dark in Savannah this August. I’ve probably said that before, but hell if I remember ^^ Anyway, if you’re attending or in the area, come say hi! 😀

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And I know I had other stuff to ramble about, but I’ve completely blanked on all of it. Prepare to be harassed again in the near future :3

Hope life is treating everyone well! If not, I hope that changes sooner rather than later. Love ya!