Friday Recs

I was honestly starting to think I’d never get to do this again, between being busy and reading so many books that just weren’t worth recc’ing. Thankfully, I was wrong :3 Onward!

The Green-Eyed Monster by Melanie Tushmore, an excellent band story that follows a band’s rise to fame and the romantic woes of two remarkably stupid but endearing boys as they make things 500 times more difficult than it needed to be :3 I love that shit, and Melanie clearly knows her way around the industry, all the band, touring, etc details seemed dead on to me. If you like bandslash, you cannot go wrong by this book 😉

Duty to the Crown by Rebecca Cohen, who has joined the ranks of authors I trust to write a sequel without fucking everything up. A very solid follow up to the first one. Love the chars, especially how very ‘are you serious, you idiot?’ Anthony can be. Sebastian has the patience of a saint, but thankfully Anthony seems aware of this :3 I look forward to seeing what trouble they’ll get into next, especially re: Sebastian’s cross-dressing ways, since they’re all aware that can’t continue on forever.

Pas de Deux by Jamie Craig is a fun murder mystery type thing, with lawyers vs. detective. I do love me some cop stories, and this one I fucking love how good at their jobs each of the chars is, and how both are willing to, you know, be adults and shit. They were also hot together, always a bonus 😉 An excellent story that satisfied my constant craving for such stories.

One of the serials currently running at Storm Moon Press. The first two parts are out so far, and they’ve been a lot of fun. I like the world, and the two MCs, and am very curious and excited to see how everything is going to play out. If you like serials and paranormal stuff, you’d probably enjoy this 🙂
– – – – –
Now I return to the kitchen. I am making my cheddar bread for Sasha, and also working on tea eggs. Tomorrow, we’re headed up to my parents to bum around and have a cookout. We’re bringing burgers, potato salad, and two bowls of cranberry slush. Also a cheesecake, cause Sasha has my parents addicted to her cheesecake (it’s not hard, she makes them like a boss).

Monday, the fun begins for LT3, with our Way to Your Heart bloghop!

Ya’ll have a good weekend ^___^