Serials, short story, and my greatest distraction

The Engineered Throne begin today \o/ I am stupid excited, and I hope everyone likes it (first chapter of serials is always free, if you’re curious but not a subscriber). I have never had so many people tell me they’re looking forward to a story, so I really really hope it proves worth the wait ^__^ Much love to you peeps, you keep me motivated more than you know.

I am also excited that in Dance Only for Me, a particular side character shows up again very briefly. This would be the one who was nowhere in my notes, but showed up in the writing and refused to leave (I might have his sidestory already half-written). Also, a certain demon and consort make a brief appearance ^__^

In other news, I finished writing a ridiculously fluffy story about a snake shifter who finds a couple of abandoned wolf shifter puppies in the woods :3 My darling Lor Rose is helping me with a title, then I must wrangle a beta and start getting it into shape. When it will be out, I do not know, but I’m sure it will be sooner rather than later.

Aaaand I must scramble madly to get a whole lot done in the next couple of months because Teen Wolf starts June 3rd and I will get nothing done while Jeff Davis does his best to drive me insane and Derek Hale struts around looking ridiculously hot and angsty. I spent most of my weekend being a slacking slacker and finished up a very silly Teen Wolf fic.

Now I shall stop plaguing everyone with my fangirling and get back to work ^__^ Everyone take care!