Various and Sundry Things

I have some recs coming, will do those later this afternoon after I’ve caught up on some work.

Have been busy busy busy with LT3 work. I am up to my ears in editing and layout, I have a whole batch of Kiss Me at Midnight stories to prepare once I’m done with this, and Sammie sends me more whenever I get a batch done :3

I submitted a story to SMP’s Dracones call, because I cannot resist dragons. It feels very weird to sub a story to another publisher. Hopefully they like it 😀 Much love to Terry for beta’ing, and Lor Rose for coming up with the title <3 Speaking of books, I've been asked before if I was going to make some of my free stuff into ebooks. I started with the fairytales:

You can find them here and here (Ivan the Heartless is special to me, so it gets to stand alone). If you have a pref on what I work on next, just say.

Speaking of books, this is out in ebook soon!

It’s here for pre-order (and 20% off).

This story was fun to write. I tend to be more OTT and ridiculous (I think) when I write contemporary, which always makes it a nice break from the fantasy stuff I work on. I’m always honored people like my contemporary stories as much as they do. For those that enjoyed Delivery with a Smile, there might be a couple of familiar faces making an appearance :3 Next up in this ‘verse is of course Paradise.

Much love to the musicians I stalk online, they provided more information than they probably realize for some of the little details I used in this story :3 Also to Sasha, who is a bigger bandom geek than me, and Samantha who beat this story into shape.

And with Romance Novel wrapping up, Dance Only for Me will begin the start of January.

I’ll set up a giveaway a couple of weeks before it goes up, for a chance at a three month subscription. I’m beyond stupid excited for this book, I really really hope peeps like it. I adore Jackie and his love interest, and all the other characters. This one actually required quite a bit of research, since it leans more heavily on history than the other ones.

Speaking of serial, Rocking Hard will start running in February. There are three volumes in total, here is the fabulous cover for Volume One:

And the entertainers, all of them talented and fabulous:

Sol Crafter – Centrifical
Diana Sheridan – Fringe Benefits
Talya Andor – Courage Wolf Never Sings the Gorram Blues
Lacie J. Archer – Put You in a Song
Angel Propps – A Haunted Melody

Not signed up for LT3 Serials? Shame, that’s a shame :3 It’s $3.25 a month, you should join us 😉 It’s a good time to do it, we have stories wrapping up and a whole new set coming forward. Check them out.


My weekend is going to be spent writing, editing, and BAKING. Sasha is making candy, and I am making cookies, and a small project suddenly turned into a baking weekend o’doom. There will also be fudge and chocolates filled with booze. Also a baker filled with booze, but that’s SOP around these parts :3

These are the cookies I’m making:

Image and recipe credit here.

And now I really need to get cracking on those ebooks ^__^ Everyone have a good weekend! <3