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GIVEAWAY: Dance with the Devil Paperbacks

In honor of the release of Shield of the Dragon, and the debut of the new editions/covers of the whole series, I am giving away one set of the paperbacks. All six to one lucky bastard: Dance with the Devil, Dance in the Dark, Midnight, Dance Only for Me, Sword of the King, and Shield of the Dragon. Winner will be drawn on September 14th. And this giveaway is international!

Note: the books haven’t much changed content-wise. I’m largely just cleaned up inconsistencies, typos, that kind of thing. I did add a bit more porn to the end of Midnight, but I don’t really count that a significant change.

If you already have the first editions through LT3, the files will be replaced so you’re GTG. If you bought them elsewhere, just email me and I’ll gladly give you the new versions (once they come out, all the books will be updated in September close to/on the release of Shield. I am two books away from having all of them ready at this moment).

Onward to the rafflecopter!

DwtD 1 - Dance with the Devil DwtD 2 - Dance in the Dark DwtD 3 - Midnight
DwtD 4 - Dance Only for Me DwtD 5 - Sword of the King DwtD 6 - Shield of the Dragon

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All of the (mostly Christmas) Things

First up, LT3 is running a Holiday Celebration thing and their are two Kindle Fires to give away as the grand prizes. Check out the deets here ^__^

Second up, the anthology I put together this year, A Touch of Mistletoe, comes out soon. I’ve never been the editor in charge of an antho before, it was kinda fun ^__^ I had some lovely writers on board, their stories are all wonderful. Many, many thank yous to A.F. Henley, J.K. Pendragon, Talya Andor, and E.E. Ottoman. A Touch of Mistletoe comes out on December 17th.

Related to that, Amethyst Daydreams posted a fabulous review here (it goes live on the 6th). There’s also a post for it here although I swear I set a giveaway that’s not there. I could have made that bit up, who knows with me. But speaking of giveaways, if you want a chance at the paperback you can still do that on Goodreads.

In other Christmas news, I wrote a cute little short for The Missing Butterfly here. The lovely and wonderful Emily Wells is hosting a Christmas Party, and I had a lot of fun working with her before. I don’t know how people organize and manage these massive things, I can barely manage a to do list and my own little website ^^ But scope out my post if inclined, and all the other shiny things that will be happening.

In other posting news, I contributed to Queer Town Abbey’s 12 Days of Christmas, so that post will be going live soon. Once I have the link i’ll post it.

And LT3 will be participating in the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event in January, hosted by KT Grant. I am stoked ^__^

In non-writing news, I am going with Sasha to see her family for Christmas, aaaaaalll the way to the top of New York. The wretched, miserable, evil cold will probably kill me. It was nice knowing all of you. Remember me fondly.

In non Christmas news, thanks to nano I am DONE with the first draft of The High King’s Golden Tongue. Final word count was 105k. My betas have assured me I’ve done an excellent job expanding the original short. I’m not sure of the release date yet, obviously, but you will see it in 2015. Much, much love to everyone who has waited so patiently for it.

With that off my plate, I am looking to work on a handful of stories:

Anti-Heroes, which is actually a set of six stories. I want to finish all of them before I send them off for editing/publishing. Anyone who has read my silly little superhero shorts for Minder, Trick of the Light, etc, everybody’s getting rewritten/expanded. Trick of the Light is finished, actually. Next up is Turncoat. Which involves a certain cowboy and cat burglar 😉

Dragon Magic, which I posted a snippet of forever ago. I have a little over 40k of it finished. If I stick to my original notes/plans, this story is meant to be in the 150-200k range. If the aforementioned cold doesn’t kill me, this definitely will x_X I don’t know how the fuck mainstream fantasy writers put out 10 book series that are like a 500k per book. Fuck that shit, ugh ugh ugh.

Star Grinders is a sci-fi story. It’s set in the same verse as Kidnapped and Meant to Be but involves a different government, the Stalarium Empire. But a familiar party planet will make an appearance.

And Clan Mordred, which was supposed to be done this year but fell by the wayside, poor thing. I turned in Pack forever ago, but it too had to get pushed aside for other things. But that will come out in 2015 and I aim to knock out CM come hell or high water. After that, I’ll bounce back to other DwtD and SotK short stories.

There are other things on my list (The Painted Crown, a tournament story I promised Piper Vaughn, to name a couple).


For those who had not seen it, the audiobook for Dance in the Dark is out. And we just finalized the narrator for Midnight ^__^

And so far my releases for the new year include:

Rabbit Season
The Broken Forest
Shine Forever
The Harem Master

And I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

Happy Holidays, everybody stay warm (or cool)!


This Week

I am babbling all over the place! I know the idea of me babbling all over the internet is a shocking idea, but I have dragons and snakes and wolves to show off :3

Dracones came out this past Friday, and Backwoods Asylum comes out Wednesday.


Caitlin Ricci has generously allowed me to guest blog at her place, I am babbling about what weird means to me when it comes to writing :3

Darien of Pants Off Review kicks of my Backwoods Asylum tour, where I admit how I scheduled the whole tour by accident :3




The Babes in Boyland are putting up with my rambling about the animals I chose for Backwoods, and other creatures skulking around NC


Another double whammy! Darien is putting up with me again to ramble for Dracones, about the first dragon I ever wrote years ago in a college creative writing class.

And World of Diversity Fiction wraps up my Backwoods tour with a post about cooking ^__^

If you want to follow the whole of the Dracones tour, my fellow authors in the anthology will be visiting these places:

Sunday – Lor Rose at Babes in Boyland
Monday – D.K. Jernigan at Live Your Life, Buy the Book
Tuesday – Avery Vanderlyle at World of Diversity Fiction
Wednesday – Tam Ames at Joyfully Jay
Friday – E.E. Ottoman at The Armchair Reader
Saturday – E.R. Karr at The Novel Approach

And my giveaway at Stumbling Over Chaos is still going strong!

Everybody have a good week! ^__^

Giveaways and Such

Today is Samantha’s birthday! You can get 30% off anything in the store until midnight, just use code SamBDay.

Dracones comes out tomorrow! ^___^ If you’d like a chance to win a copy, visit my post here.

Stumbling Over Chaos is doing a giveaway of Backwoods Asylum here, many thanks! And I will give away more copies next week, when I visit Pants Off, the Babes in Boyland, and World of Diversity Fiction.

Went to see Into Darkness last night, did not get home ’til three, did not actually go to bed ’til five, so I am waking up very late and have a lot of shit to start catching up on ^^; First task! Finish my tentacle story for SMP. I only have the porn left :3 Weirdly, I actually have two unfinished tentacle stories. May try to see if I can find time to finish the second one somewhere.

Of course, I also have to come up with 5,00,000 blog posts x_x So off to work I go, everybody have a good day!

Way to Your Heart & Covers!

The Way to Your Heart bloghop seems to be going well ^__^ All the love and thanks to those participating and celebrating with us! If you have not stopped in, there are many sweet and fun posts to be read, and all manner of prizes to be given away.

The master post is here, be sure to visit all of the authors who have joined in ^___^ I love my job and the peeps I work with, I really really do.

Woke up this morning to two covers!


The cover for my fluffy story about a snake shifter who finds a couple of abandoned wolf puppies 😀 It comes out May 22nd at LT3 ^___^ Aren’t those puppies the cutest fucking thing ever? So alone and sad! You will get saved, babies!

The cover for the SMP anthology I am part of, it comes out May 17th ^___^ Yay, dragons! I am very excited. From what I know of the other contributors, it’s going to be a shiny collection of stories.
And now back to work I go :3

Poly Month, Royal Inquisitors, and Love Tokens

First up! The magnificent Lor Rose was kind enough to let me join the line up of posts for her Poly Month. My post went up today, check out it and all the other awesome posts ^__^ Much love to Lor for having me!

Books, books, I have no time to read anymore because I’m so busy getting books into shape – either my own, or formatting the other LT3 books. I have three stories out this month, and this post is about the two short ones.

First up is my contribution to Private Dicks: Undercovers. I was tempted at first to go supernatural, but I already have that covered with Dance-verse. Straight up contemporary is not often my thing, so I went back to my main sandbox: fantasy. I didn’t want magic, and that of course sparked an idea for knights. All in all, I am very pleased with it ^__^ If you want a chance for a free copy of the ebook, Samantha is hosting a giveaway. If you’re inclined to buy, you can currently pre-order it. I’ll be ordering the paperbacks when I get back from the conventions. We’re extremely proud of this anthology, it has a good range of stories and not a one is a lather rinse repeat detective tale. We hope to continue with more Private Dicks stories in the future. If you read it, I hope you enjoy! Much love to all those who contributed a tale, they were (and are) a joy to read ^__^

Next up is my LT3 Halloween Rentboys story. This was another idea spawned one day on twitter (the HQ of Shenanigans) and it came together rather nicely. We have truly awesome authors contributing, for a host of fun stories with paranormal and spooky elements. My story is about an incubus who owns a brothel and a rather shameless demon who is determined to have what he wants. It wound up being a very interesting verse, and I may go back and play in it again someday. I hope peeps enjoy Love Tokens and all the other Rentboy stories!

Oh! I knew I forgot something. For those who have not seen it on twitter or tumblr, the first part of the Bound online graphic novel is up ^__^ It contains the first three chapters and is only 99 cents. Check it out if you’re so inclined! NovelExp is a truly awesome group of people, and I can’t thank them enough for the amazing work they’ve done with Bound. Much love to them! <3 <3 <3 And in honor of this release, we've marked the ebook and paperback at 25% off!

And now it is back to work I go!

All of the babbles

I really need not to put off things I need (want) to talk about, because then we wind up with novel-length posts and that’s just not nice for anybody. Will try to keep this brief :3

I am going to New York! We leave on Saturday, Sasha and I, and will return the following Saturday. We’re going to visit her family. I should be around, because it’s a working trip for both of us, but I may not be around as much. Her family lives in like Middle of Fucking Nowhere, New York. I think the nearest neighbors to her hometown are the moose up in Canada :3

Books books books. Wick is officially out, for those who did not read it as a serial ^__^ This series is a very argh one for me. I initially wrote them, my betas loved them … and then my editor came back and said that two of the stories sucked enough they’d have to be rewritten, and the remaining two heavily edited. By the time I was done with the rewrites, so much had changed I had to rewrite a third one. Of the set, only Tokiwick’s was never completely scrapped and started over.

As far as serials go, Love You Like a Romance Novel has started running ^__^ So far a handful of peeps have let me know they love it, which makes me happy 😀 The prologue and first chapter are available for anyone to read, if you wanted to scope it out ^__^

I did select a winner for Burning Bright, but said winner has not gotten back to me. If said winner does not reply before I wake up tomorrow, a new winner will be chosen.

Speaking of Giveaways, I have proof copies of Sword of the King and Sasha’s Saving Liam to do something with. Don’t know if I want to do them myself, or see if somebody else wants to host. Guess I will figure that out shortly :3

LT3’s Bestiary call for submissions is wrapping in a couple of days. So far we have accepted several very awesome stories. If you have one, send it send it ^__^

Lots of shinies coming in futures near and far. Also some cool submission calls–one to go up in September, another in October 😀

Speaking of shiny, my week was made when I woke up this morning and saw that Sammy of Joyfully Jay had given Sword of the King five stars. I know that book hasn’t been for everyone, but I was/am really proud of it, so the review made me crazy happy ^___^ The review is here if you are so inclined.

I feel there was something else I wanted to inflict upon the masses, but alas I cannot at present recall it. So, I shall cease to harass you further and leave you with a couple of book recs, since tomorrow I am going to be too busy cleaning and packing and all of that.

The Man Trap was really cute, though it’s by no means a cutesy story. I almost didn’t read it, because right now I’m burnt out on first person. It’s not my fav POV and lately EVERYTHING seems to be written that way, and I’m about done. But I really liked the premise for this one, and I’m glad I read it. It’s a short story, which I always like, and it’s a good mix of serious and cute and fun. The MC is much with the love, as is his love interest ^__^

Equation for Love I fucking loved. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, since a large part of the book is obviously sex. But it’s well done, and oh my god I love the characters. They’re so fucking cute and ridiculous and headdesk. I meant to read a chapter or two before I went to bed, and wound up reading the whole thing. I think it’s the best execution of this premise I’ve ever read.

Everybody have a good weekend when you get there ^__^ I am off to pay bills, do some transcribing, and torture my cat, Pumpernickel, who is looking entirely too comfortable and cozy on MY bed, the little asshole. But first, of course: more coffee 😀

Random Things

Finally got around to uploading The High King’s Golden Tongue to ARe. So those who have been waiting for public access, wait no more.

Our cat, Bird, is getting the snippy snippy today :3 The vets were amused that we had a cat named Bird. He was all cry cry chirp meow cry chirp (he really does chirp, it’s the weirdest/cutest thing ever). When he gets home all doped up, it’s gonna be hilarious.

The giveaway for Burning Bright closes this Friday. If you still want a chance to win the paperback & matching pendant drop a comment.

It’s a gloomy, rainy day here today. Combined with the way the cats kept waking me up because they were STARVING TO DEATH OMG FEED US NOW OR WE’LL DIIIEEEE, I want to crawl back into my warm bed and sleep forever.

Doing a movie double feature this weekend. Brave and Rock of Ages. It’s gonna be awesome.

Now, I must get to editing, and then to writing. Both of those things, however, require finishing this coffee.

Friday Recs & Giveaways

No absolute favorite stand out this week. Haven’t been able to read much, am simply too busy writing. But, I did buy the entire set of DSP’s Time is Eternity Daily Doses so I get a short story a day. They’ve been a pretty mixed bag so far, but two of them stood out and are listed here.

Troy and Aaron Mayer, identical twins separated from the age of two, have lived wildly different lives. Aaron has struggled taking care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted mother, leaving his finances in disarray. Troy, living with their father, experienced luxury. He calls Aaron asking to see him after years of silence. When Aaron arrives at his brother’s boat, his twin has committed suicide. In his farewell note, Troy offers Aaron his car keys, his money and… his life of riches.

Aaron, on the run from the loan sharks he owes money to, finds his new life is even worse. Everywhere he turns he discovers somebody Troy devastated… including his handsome, charismatic husband, Dave Alvarez, who is on the verge of leaving Troy. Can Aaron turn things around for Troy… and for himself? Or are some mirrors just meant to be broken?

Loved this story. The authors did a wonderful job with the premise, even if I thought it got a touch out of control toward the end. I absolutely adore Aaron and Dave. The kind of book that makes you wonder what you would do in Aaron’s place. Definitely worth a read if you’re looking for something a little different.

Kyle Forester likes rules and schedules, and he loves his janitorial job at Happy World. The gigantic theme park has strict regulations that Kyle knows are in place for a reason. After all, life just runs more smoothly when there are rules in effect, and Kyle is going to make sure his new trainee is fully aware of that. They’ll both get along fine, Kyle is sure. Anyone working at Happy World must be a good employee.

Rory Stafford doesn’t like policies or regulations. Unfortunately, getting a job at the world’s most popular theme park comes with a handbook full of both those things. Rory is pretty sure his new job at Happy World isn’t going to work out, especially after he meets his trainer, Kyle Forester. Kyle is definitely a rule-follower and makes no secret of his contempt for Rory’s rule-breaking. However, after just a few shifts together, Kyle and Rory discover that they can’t keep their hands off each other. The two of them find themselves on a wild roller coaster ride of heat, emotion, and not-so-hidden lust as Kyle and Rory try to find common ground in the giant hamster ball known as Happy World.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something utterly cute and harmless, this is the way to go. I had a lot of fun with this one. Mr. Rules meets Mr. Fuck the Rules and they’re utterly adorkable. I could have done with the sexual harassment issues that people seem to love to use as a plot device for these sorts of things, but all in all it came together and was a sweet, easy read and I adored it.

Time is Eternity is DSPs Daily Dose this year. Normally I just buy whatever few stories sound interesting, but I figured what the hell, I’d give the whole set a try. I bought the set back in April when it was cheap, figuring it would give me something to look forward to in June.

So far, most of them have been good. My absolute favorite was One Constant. It’s absolutely beautiful, and one of the best books so far just in handling time travel. Loved how it played out, loved how it came together. So, so pretty. Close on it’s heals is 1989 because it was cute, sweet, and hilarious in the way they just would not leave the bar :3 And third favorite was Violet’s Present, because the author did an awesome job with the chars and conveying a lot with a little. I also liked where she ended it. Am rapidly becoming a fan of Kim Fielding, may finally pick up another book of her’s I’ve been dithering over. We shall see :3


And so I do not spam people with posts today.

Joyfully Jay and many other wonderful people are participating in Shameless Summer Blog Hop. Joyfully Jay is offering up a winner’s choice of one of my books, among other shiny prizes 😀

I am also giving away Burning Bright and it’s beautiful matching pendant here.

In parting, have a picture of Seamus, who thinks he is hiding:

Everybody have a good weekend! <3