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I really need not to put off things I need (want) to talk about, because then we wind up with novel-length posts and that’s just not nice for anybody. Will try to keep this brief :3

I am going to New York! We leave on Saturday, Sasha and I, and will return the following Saturday. We’re going to visit her family. I should be around, because it’s a working trip for both of us, but I may not be around as much. Her family lives in like Middle of Fucking Nowhere, New York. I think the nearest neighbors to her hometown are the moose up in Canada :3

Books books books. Wick is officially out, for those who did not read it as a serial ^__^ This series is a very argh one for me. I initially wrote them, my betas loved them … and then my editor came back and said that two of the stories sucked enough they’d have to be rewritten, and the remaining two heavily edited. By the time I was done with the rewrites, so much had changed I had to rewrite a third one. Of the set, only Tokiwick’s was never completely scrapped and started over.

As far as serials go, Love You Like a Romance Novel has started running ^__^ So far a handful of peeps have let me know they love it, which makes me happy 😀 The prologue and first chapter are available for anyone to read, if you wanted to scope it out ^__^

I did select a winner for Burning Bright, but said winner has not gotten back to me. If said winner does not reply before I wake up tomorrow, a new winner will be chosen.

Speaking of Giveaways, I have proof copies of Sword of the King and Sasha’s Saving Liam to do something with. Don’t know if I want to do them myself, or see if somebody else wants to host. Guess I will figure that out shortly :3

LT3’s Bestiary call for submissions is wrapping in a couple of days. So far we have accepted several very awesome stories. If you have one, send it send it ^__^

Lots of shinies coming in futures near and far. Also some cool submission calls–one to go up in September, another in October 😀

Speaking of shiny, my week was made when I woke up this morning and saw that Sammy of Joyfully Jay had given Sword of the King five stars. I know that book hasn’t been for everyone, but I was/am really proud of it, so the review made me crazy happy ^___^ The review is here if you are so inclined.

I feel there was something else I wanted to inflict upon the masses, but alas I cannot at present recall it. So, I shall cease to harass you further and leave you with a couple of book recs, since tomorrow I am going to be too busy cleaning and packing and all of that.

The Man Trap was really cute, though it’s by no means a cutesy story. I almost didn’t read it, because right now I’m burnt out on first person. It’s not my fav POV and lately EVERYTHING seems to be written that way, and I’m about done. But I really liked the premise for this one, and I’m glad I read it. It’s a short story, which I always like, and it’s a good mix of serious and cute and fun. The MC is much with the love, as is his love interest ^__^

Equation for Love I fucking loved. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, since a large part of the book is obviously sex. But it’s well done, and oh my god I love the characters. They’re so fucking cute and ridiculous and headdesk. I meant to read a chapter or two before I went to bed, and wound up reading the whole thing. I think it’s the best execution of this premise I’ve ever read.

Everybody have a good weekend when you get there ^__^ I am off to pay bills, do some transcribing, and torture my cat, Pumpernickel, who is looking entirely too comfortable and cozy on MY bed, the little asshole. But first, of course: more coffee 😀

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  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of Fae Sutherland. I’m glad to know there’s another book for me to gobble up.

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