writing update and a tangent or two

Lost Gods is officially done. All I have left now are edits and all of that. But they’re written, done, complete. I really really REALLY REALLY hope that Chaos does not disappoint as the close to the series. I’m really fucking happy with it, and Sammikins will make it even better. I think my next enormous, exhausting project will be finishing Dragon Magic. Not sure when I’ll get there, but I do want to get to it so hopefully in the near-ish future.

I am spending this week, and maybe next, trying to catch up on short stories. I wrote my Bestiary story at the beginning of the week, and right now I am working on my Rocking Hard contribution. I did a poll on what I should write for it months ago, and the winner was Midsummer Song so that is what I currently have 3k of ^__^ After that I just have to do a Kiss Me at Midnight and then I am off to work on Black Magic.

My Bestiary story turned out ridiculously cute and fluffy. That was not what my notes said it should be, but I’m never really married to my notes. It was fun to write something light-hearted. LG has worn me the fuck out.

Somewhere in there, I have to work on my next serial (the one that comes after Romance Novel), which is Dance Only for Me and as I have mentioned before, introduces a new paranormal detective. He’s a sorcerer, which is quite different from Chris & Johnnie. I can’t wait. I fucking love my Dance verse.

Tomorrow Sasha and I drive home, and though the heat will probably kill me I will be happy to be back. New York is nice, but it’s not my bed and my kitties and my coffee pot that makes a real amount of coffee, none of this enough for two crap. Also my shower. And my BED. I think you must admit you’re an adult (of a sort) when it’s your bed you miss the most (and the cats, but they’re not very comfy for sleeping, too pointy).

Now back to Midsummer. I am aiming to get to 5k before I quit for the night and either read or pass out.

I do not have any Friday recs ATM. I was rereading Red Dragon because I’m so STUPIDLY FUCKING EXCITED that NBC is making a TV series about Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter EEEEEEEEEEEE. They’re really changing up how it all goes down and I hope they make it awesome or I shall weep bitter tears into my pillow and keyboard smash angry posts all over LJ. It’s probably not healthy how much I love the Hannibal Lecter books and I don’t fucking care because they’re awesome and goddammit NBC, do not fuck this up or I will set you on fire with my mind.


Anyway. Ya’ll have fun this weekend. I’m going to be driving forever and then collapsing forever and then writing more of the ridiculous cute that this Midsummer story is proving to be.

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  1. What?!?!?! There’s another installment to the Dance ‘verse?? -fangirl scream- I love this ‘verse!!!!! And Black Magic, that’s the one with the sad Necromancer, right? The one story I was asking about earlier this year? This is extremely good news!!!!

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