Day of Porn – July 16th

Copied from the master post here. Day of Porn is run by my sister Samantha ^__^ If you have any questions, feel free to hit her up.

Ok, July 16 is next Monday.Those who have never heard of or participated maybe wondering: What is Day of Porn?

Put simply: Day of Porn is as the name implies. It’s just a day for writers/readers to put aside their more serious fic and indulge in shameless porn. That’s really it.

How it all goes down: Monday morning (we’ll say 0800 EST) I’ll make the official “it’s started” post. You can either comment on that post with your contribution, or comment with a link to where your contribution can be read. It really doesn’t matter how you do it.

Some basic rules:
no min/max word count
no limit to how many contributions you can make
open to fic or pic
doesn’t have to be porn (but it’s more fun)
open to slash or het, original or fanfic
please apply appropriate warnings as necessary (eg, incest, anthro, poly, etc)
we prefer new stuff, but we’ll count anything that was posted after July 1, 2012
feel free to pimp! ^_^


If you have suggestions as to what I should write, feel free to rec ^__^ Readers always come up with stuff I never think of :3 Will definitely write one, will try for two or three.

5 thoughts on “Day of Porn – July 16th

  1. May be too late to put in my .02? But I love the Midsummer characters… perhaps Ferdy & Brayton go to Brayton’s snow-proof cabin? (Ugh, can you tell I’m roasting in the heat here?!)
    Or Val & Bikendi from Meant to Be, after a long day working in the lab together?
    I also recall reading a ficbit with Chris from DwtD, where he befriends the Black Dog… but can’t find it again, tho I’d love to re-read it… Probably not “Day of Porn”-appropriate as it was rather sad, but it had such great characterization as I recall.
    Any/all of these characters combos would rock!

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