Random Things

Finally got around to uploading The High King’s Golden Tongue to ARe. So those who have been waiting for public access, wait no more.

Our cat, Bird, is getting the snippy snippy today :3 The vets were amused that we had a cat named Bird. He was all cry cry chirp meow cry chirp (he really does chirp, it’s the weirdest/cutest thing ever). When he gets home all doped up, it’s gonna be hilarious.

The giveaway for Burning Bright closes this Friday. If you still want a chance to win the paperback & matching pendant drop a comment.

It’s a gloomy, rainy day here today. Combined with the way the cats kept waking me up because they were STARVING TO DEATH OMG FEED US NOW OR WE’LL DIIIEEEE, I want to crawl back into my warm bed and sleep forever.

Doing a movie double feature this weekend. Brave and Rock of Ages. It’s gonna be awesome.

Now, I must get to editing, and then to writing. Both of those things, however, require finishing this coffee.