The Remedies are here :3

It’s always kind of weird (and a lot lame) when I get so wrapped up in the story I’m writing that I forget about the story releasing, even though I was just talking about it last week.

But I have never claimed to be anything but weird.

So our stories are out ^__^ And I have already babbled about them incessantly so I shall not harass everyone again. For those who read, I hope you enjoy! I am really fond of Jordan, he’s so cute and fun to write. Sasha has done a couple of posts about the books here and here, and I need to write one today (I was a failure and forgot about the one I should have done Tuesday, it’s a wonder the various review sites put up with me anymore).

We are going to RM today to fetch Samantha and Kathrin for an awesome extended weekend đŸ˜€ Tattoos round one (Sam and Brandie) is this Friday, and Sasha and I are next week.

I spent all of yesterday reading through the story that has been hating me and I think I finally have at least a majority of it sorted. If I can find the time, I can crack down on the effing thing. Writing is not normally so argh for me, but I’m so busy with other things the focus is not there.

Peeps are still enjoy my serials, which makes me happy, even if ‘enjoy’ here means ‘calling me a jerk’ :3 :3 :3  Readers seem to forget (and some I guess would not know) that I have been a serial-style writer since I started writing. It’s my game and I play it well, cackling evilly throughout.

For the non-masochists in the audience, Dance Only for Me comes out next month ^__^

Now to go get dressed and clean up the house a bit, and then see if I can’t write that long overdue blog post for tomorrow ^^;;

Ya’ll take care! <3 <3 <3

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  1. You not a jerk you are frustrating but i know that you like putting people through hell before they get their happily ever after so i know it will be ok in the end and makes it all worth it.

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