Friday Book Recs and more

First up, my other Valentine! Many have already read it, and someone was sweet enough to tell me she loved it ^__^ For those not aware, however, I did a little Valentine story for The Bastard Prince

If Reyes saw one. More. Flower. He was going to start killing people. Huffing out an irritated breath, he gingerly made his way through the veritable forest of flowers that filled his office, their combined scents strong enough to start a headache buzzing.

There was nothing quite as aggravating as the Days of Devotion, and if Reyes knew a way to go back in time to murder the King and Queen who had started the ridiculous three-day-long tradition of giving flowers and other gifts to loved ones, he would do so gladly.

Now on the recs 😀

First up is Famine by the much loved T.A. Chase. I’ve been adoring this series of her’s, and harassing her relentlessly about it, and this was a great addition to the set. One of my fav parts of these books is the wide array of locations. She picks really cool fucking settings; you see the world, not just one or two countries. Famine takes place in Africa, and I loved it. Reeeealy can’t wait for Death 😀

Second book up is another T.A. Chase, this one a pretty historical little number. Hot, sweet, a lot of fun ^__^ I love me some pretty boys in pretty clothes in pretty places.

Owen’s Home and Garden is a very good read. It’s by the lovely Evie Kiels, who has some stories coming out with LT3 as well ^__^ I do not read much in the way of ordinary contemporary (I prefer ‘add vampires to taste’, and that sounds like a title for an hilarious book, must make note) but every now and then I’m glad I still try it. Owen’s is about boy being dumb, but also being adults, which is nice because I hate most contemp for coming off more like the un-amusing kind of soap opera. This one doesn’t do that; they feel like people I would actually talk to somewhere. An awesome read ^__^

Immortal Valentine was another fun read. I really liked her spin on vampires, loved it loved it. I didn’t think the villain in the end was entirely necessary, but it was played out well so in the end no real complaints ^__^ The characters were wonderful, the dialogue well done, the whole premise done very well indeed.

L.A. Witt, who also wrote The Given and the Taken which I rec’ed last week. I read this one awhile ago, then reread it recently, so sorry if this a double rec :3 It’s hard to find good three or more somes, let alone an author who does it consistently. Witt does not disappoint.

Last but not least a little bit of obvious bias, but it does not make this less of an awesome story. I will always be Sasha’s biggest fan ^___^ She does not do contemporary often, and to my knowledge she has never done cops, and I have come to realize that is a tragedy. I am ruthlessly encouraging her to do more, and I want people to help me encourage her, so get to it :3

As an interesting aside, that ‘smoking is bad for you’ line is something of a running joke in our household. That is to say, Sasha & I think we’re funny, but our third roomie does not agree with us :3 :3 :3

‘Tis all for now ^__^ I think I am going to spoil myself with an early beer, and then go beat my head against the wall that is Sword of the King. Might babble about it and Burning Bright later, we shall see.

Ciao for now, my darlings. Everyone have a good weekend ^_^