Important Announcement

As I have been saying for several weeks now: I AM MOVING. This is the formal announcement :3

Come the end of April, Sasha, Brandie, and I are moving to North Carolina (so LT3 will finally all be in one state, yay \o/). On Friday, March 2nd, I am returning to NC to find us a place to live. This means I will not be around most of the time, and when I am around it probably will not be for long, and will likely be at weird hours.

A lot of people come directly to me for all kinds of things, and that’s normally fine. But for the next two months, until around the second week of May, getting a hold of me is going to be extremely difficult. So, if you normally would email me (at my gmail or my personal lt3 account), instead please email Whatever it is: status, query, pitch, complaint–anything you’d normally email me about. Email the editor instead. That guarantees that Samantha and Sasha will see it and can help you when I am not around (and they always can help. I know people come to me, and definitely always feel like you can, but Sam & Sasha are also nice and do not bite and often know better than me what’s what).

If you are an author and would for some weird reason like my phone # to keep in touch (since texting will be the best way to reach me for an emergency/need to know now/must ask me sort of thing), email me this week and I’ll give you my number.

Readers, LT3 will be posting a formal announcement every week beginning with the March 7th update, any questions/concerns you have will be addressed then ^__^

If there is anything peeps need me to attend before I drop off the face of the planet, email me ASAP. I have a lot of things to wrap up in the next four days, and a dentist appt right in the middle of it all, so the sooner I know what else I’ve forgotten the better ^__^

For the curious and for those to whom it will mean anything, we are aiming to find a place in Wilmington 😀 Who’s coming to the beach party??? We’ll provide the booze, you have to bring your own cabana boy/girl/etc.

Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone, peeps. Ciao.

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  1. Have fun and good luck with the move. Just wanted to let you know that I posted your interview. If you see anything you think needs changing, let me know.

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